This spring has been wetter than usual in Bend and last month had some of the most rain on record for May, according to the National Weather Service in Pendleton.

The weather service’s monthly climate summary showed the total precipitation for May was 1.91 inches, which was 1.02 inches above normal.

Joe Solomon, a meteorologist for the weather service in Pendleton, said the outlook for May called for below normal precipitation, so it was unexpected to have such a rainy month.

“We started out the month dry, and the outlook was for it to be a warmer and drier month,” Solomon said. “But like any good outlook, it falls by the wayside.”

The 1.91 inches of rainfall last month is recorded as the 15th wettest May in Bend, according to weather service data that dates to 1901.

The most May rainfall recorded in Bend happened in 1998, when 4.11 inches of rain fell that month, according to weather service data.

This year, precipitation has reached 8.71 inches in Bend, which is 3.69 inches above normal. And since October, the precipitation in Bend has been 11.25 inches, which is 2.04 inches above normal.

Solomon credits the above normal precipitation this year to the record snowfall in March and rain in April.

As for the temperature, it was warmer than normal in May, according to the weather service’s monthly climate summary.

The average May temperature in Bend was 53.4 degrees, which was 3 degrees above normal.

High temperatures averaged 66.5 degrees, about 2 degrees above normal. The highest temperature recorded last month was 83 degrees on May 12. The lowest was 30 degrees on May 1.

Low temperatures averaged 40.3 degrees, 4 degrees above normal.

The outlook for June calls for above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation, according to the weather service.

The normal highs for June in Bend rise from 69 degrees at the start of the month to 77 degrees by the end of June. Low temperatures in June usually rise from 40 degrees to 45 degrees throughout the month.

Precipitation in June normally amounts to 0.70 inches, according to the weather service.

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