Rainy days last month in Bend added up to the most April rainfall in more than a century and the second-most on record since 1904, according to the National Weather Service in Pendleton.

The weather service’s monthly climate summary tallied the total precipitation at 2.26 inches in April, which was 1.48 inches above normal. Measurable precipitation of at least .01 inches was recorded on 10 days in April with the heaviest at .53 inches on April 2.

So far this year, precipitation has reached 6.8 inches, which is 2.67 inches above normal, according to the weather service. Since October, precipitation in Bend has been 9.34 inches, which is 1.02 inches above normal.

The 2.26 inches of rainfall recorded last month in Bend is slightly less than the record amount of 2.43 inches in 1904, according to weather service data that dates back to 1901. Bend has not recorded more than 2 inches of precipitation since 2.18 inches came down in April 1978, the data showed.

John Peck, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Pendleton, said it wasn’t just one big storm, but a consistent system of precipitation at the beginning of the month that came from the south and petered out to the north of Oregon, leaving Washington much drier than usual.

Peck also noted that Central Oregon had a rare weather event when a funnel cloud was spotted near Terrebonne on April 8. The funnel cloud, which rotates like a tornado, was short lived and no serious damage was reported, Peck said.

The temperature in Bend last month was warmer than normal, according to the weather service’s monthly climate summary.

The average temperature in April was 46.9 degrees, which was 3.4 degrees above normal. High temperatures averaged 58.8 degrees, about 2 degrees above normal.

The highest temperature recorded last month was 77 degrees on April 18. The lowest was 24 degrees on April 28.

Low temperatures averaged 35 degrees, 4.6 degrees above normal.

The outlook for May calls for above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation, according to the weather service.

The normal highs for May in Bend rise from 61 degrees at the start of the month to 68 degrees by the end of May. Low temperatures in May usually rise from 33 degrees to 40 degrees throughout the month.

Precipitation in May normally amounts to 0.89 inches, according to the weather service.

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