Maliyha: The child no one saved

Care providers, family, friends feared for Maliyha Hope Garcia as she starved to death

Maliyha Hope Garcia starved to death in plain sight. Three day care providers, a doctor … Read more

Candlelight vigil honors memory of Maliyha

Vigil drew about 60 people, most of whom did not know the 5-year-old murder victim

REDMOND — Destiny Cook stood on the steps of Centennial Park on an icy night … Read more

Candlelight vigil planned for Maliyha Garcia

A candlelight vigil will be held at 7 p.m. Oct. 30 at Centennial Park in … Read more

Verdict: Redmond couple guilty of murder

Estevan Garcia and Sacora Horn-Garcia guilty of starving girl to death

A Redmond couple was found guilty Friday of the starvation murder of their 5-year-old daughter, … Read more

Jury holds fate of couple accused in starvation death

Closing statements given in Garcia, Horn-Garcia trial

The fate of Estevan Garcia and Sacora Horn-Garcia now rests with a jury. Closing statements … Read more

Defense rests in child starvation murder trial

Mother insists something was ‘medically wrong’ with her 5-year-old daughter

Sacora Horn-Garcia finished her testimony Wednesday without accepting responsibility for starving her 5-year-old daughter. Her … Read more

Horn-Garcia tells jury her life had unraveled

Defendant in starvation murder trial of 5-year-old girl spoke in her own defense

When Sacora Horn-Garcia finally testified in her own defense, she told the jury she had … Read more

Estevan Garcia: ‘How was I not aware?’

Defendant in starvation murder trial blames wife, says he should have saved Maliyha, 5

Estevan Garcia finished his testimony Friday by blaming his wife for starving their 5-year-old daughter … Read more

Defendant testifies in starvation murder trial

Defense takes over as Estevan Garcia tells court: ‘I won’t make an excuse for it’

When Estevan Garcia took the witness stand in his defense, the hardest questions in his … Read more

Garcia trial delayed after new evidence emerges

Attorney: Instagram posts a ‘game-changer’ in starvation-murder case

The discovery of new evidence has delayed the murder trial of husband and wife Estevan … Read more

Prosecutors allege child forced to scrub walls, eat soap as punishment

Maliyha Hope Garcia regressed physically and mentally as she slowly starved, expert says

As her tiny body was shutting down from starvation, Maliyha Hope Garcia was forced to … Read more

Witnesses describe Maliyha Garcia before her shocking death

Murder-by-starvation trial resumes for third week

There were people who recognized signs of trouble in Maliyha Hope Garcia and spoke up. … Read more

St. Charles: Girl was dead entire time she was in ER

Murder trial continues with testimony from doctor, nurse, medical examiner

The emergency room doctor who treated Maliyha Hope Garcia when she was rolled into St. … Read more

First responders describe girl’s emaciated condition

Paramedics: Maliyha Garcia looked ‘skeletal,’ ‘like photos from the Holocaust’

First responders who tried to save the life of Maliyha Hope Garcia said it was … Read more

Child starvation murder trial gets underway with opening statements

Pizza delivery man, 29,000 text messages will factor into case

The child-starvation murder trial of Estevan Garcia and wife Sacora Horn-Garcia began Friday with descriptions … Read more

Garcia, Horn-Garcia expected to finally stand trial

Couple accused of aggravated murder for starving daughter to death

The trial of a Redmond couple accused of starving their daughter to death is scheduled … Read more

Another delay in trial of parents accused of starving child to death

Garcia and Horn-Garcia were arrested in April 2017, charged with murder

The trial of Estevan Adrian Garcia and Sacora Rose Horn-Garcia, accused of murdering their 5-year-old … Read more

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