At the Painted Hills, eclipse inspires in nature

Crowds turn out at Eastern Oregon geological wonder

PAINTED HILLS — As the moon passed over the sun Monday, darkness flooded the valley … Read more

Hospitals quiet after heavy eclipse prep

Influx of patients never came

There was more action outside St. Charles Bend during the eclipse Monday than inside the … Read more

In Madras, science and emotion merge during eclipse

Solar gazers at stadium cheer their moments of darkness

MADRAS — When the temperature dropped several degrees during Monday’s total solar eclipse, Cynthia Fisher, … Read more

Post-eclipse traffic clogs Oregon highways

Seven hours after Oregon’s first total solar eclipse in 38 years, several roads around the … Read more

Madras residents embrace eclipse visitors

Delayed arrivals felt in town, at festivals

MADRAS — Traffic moved steadily through town, and grocery store shelves were completely stocked Sunday … Read more

Skies are empty, highways are full and Bend is … quiet?

Eclipse predictions mostly on point

Clouds and crowds. Predictions on those two things have been front and center in Central … Read more

Eclipse campers in Madras prep for big event

Tents and RVs span miles at Solartown

MADRAS — How does a mass of people prepare for a two-minute phenomenon that no … Read more

What happens to solar power in an eclipse?

Unlike most eclipse-watchers in the United States, Eric Schmitt wouldn’t mind seeing a few clouds … Read more

Traffic jams growing in Madras and beyond

Traffic into Central Oregon, especially to cities such as Madras in the path of totality … Read more

Pilot was only death in Madras plane crash

Investigation shows passenger was not on board

Only the pilot was killed in a plane crash near the Madras Municipal Airport on … Read more

Symbiosis lights up the forest for thousands of revelers

A vision as amazing as an eclipse: Jets of flame, pulsing lights and people dressed as teddy bears

BIG SUMMIT PRAIRIE — It’s a place where nothing seems impossible, especially in the smothering … Read more

Eclipse viewers hope for solitude atop a mountain

Lookout Mountain, at 7,000 feet, offers beautiful viewing

LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN — At about 7,000 feet above sea level, the view from Lookout Mountain … Read more

What’s open and closed for the eclipse

The expected influx of a few hundred thousand people in Central Oregon for the total … Read more

Eclipse inspires designers, artists

Souvenir sellers worry about leftover merchandise

Redmond jeweler Sean Satterlee took a $100,000 line of credit to finance the creation of … Read more

Prineville bears brunt of early eclipse traffic

Symbiosis attendees reported to have been in traffic for 3 hours

Central Oregon’s population is swelling with people as thousands of visitors arrive for the total … Read more

Cultures contrast in Prineville as festival crowds pass through

Eclipse fest east of town draws tens of thousands

PRINEVILLE — Pop-up food stands and eclipse-related sale signs adorned the main drag of Third … Read more

Eclipse traffic already backing up in Central Oregon

East of Prineville, traffic backed up 14 miles Wednesday night

Traffic was backed up 14 miles Wednesday night along U.S. Highway 26 east of Prineville … Read more

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