Lukens column: Nonprofit seeks to produce informed voters one newspaper subscription at a time

Former Bend mayor Jeff Eager’s nonprofit will buy Bulletin subscriptions for newly registered voters

Two compelling voter initiatives are happening in Oregon right now, and odds are you’ve heard … Read more

Lukens column: Bulletin reporting on death of retired Bend firefighter was necessary

Critics say reporter should have ignored unflattering information

“The Bulletin did not need to publish this story!!” So wrote a Facebook user in … Read more

Lukens column: The why and what of The Bulletin’s redesigned newspaper

Changes will create a streamlined, more sustainable paper that further highlights local coverage

Beginning today, readers of the print Bulletin will notice some changes. Our news, advertising and … Read more

Column: The future of The Bulletin and local news

Community coverage will rely increasingly upon reader support

Journalists would much rather report the news than be in it. We don’t always get … Read more

Column: The donors and safety professionals who make The Bulletin’s fireworks possible

When my kids were younger, watching the annual eruption of Pilot Butte on July 4 … Read more

Column: The Bulletin debuts monthly historic reprint. Welcome to January 1918

We aspire to reprint a century-old edition of The Bend Bulletin monthly

Readers of the print edition of The Bulletin will notice an extra section today. It’s … Read more

Erik Lukens column: Environmentalists vs. urban trails

Local groups join NIMBYs in fight against Deschutes footbridge

Oregon Wild, an environmental group that touts its commitment to preserving wilderness and old-growth forest, … Read more

Erik Lukens column: One way to fix Oregon’s short-session charade

Why not make even-year legislative sessions a lot longer?

Oregon voters on Tuesday approved a collection of taxes to fund health care. The vote … Read more

Column: Oregon’s wasteful bottle bill gets supersized

Salem’s love affair with the outdated program continues

The new year will bring yet another expansion of Oregon’s bottle bill, a largely redundant … Read more

Erik Lukens column: Prepare for new push to ban Deschutes River Trail footbridge

Recent events point to trouble for controversial river crossing

Reincarnation may or may not happen with people, but it certainly does with legislation. Bills … Read more

Erik Lukens column: The folly of adopting a ward system in Bend

Dicing up the city would add complexity and limit voter choice for no apparent gain

Here are a couple of questions approximately zero people ask as they inch along Reed … Read more

Erik Lukens column: Ted Ferrioli, health care taxes and the PERS gravy train

Courtesy of lawmakers and the governor, voters get another lesson in cynicism

On its website, the Secretary of State’s Office has posted a slew of arguments for … Read more

Erik Lukens column: Oregon needs more leadership, less grandstanding from governor

Kate Brown’s constituents get a timely reminder of the state’s crisis of competence

November 2017 has turned out to be a difficult month for Gov. Kate Brown. The … Read more

Lukens column: Texting while driving? Meet Senior Trooper William Duran

Bend-based officer with Oregon State Police is determined to make a difference

If you’ve been cited in Deschutes County recently for driving while fiddling with your phone, … Read more

Lukens column: In Crook County land case, BLM clings foolishly to secrecy

Public comments demonstrate the value of openness

If the Bureau of Land Management ran an aquarium, it would screen the fish from … Read more

Lukens column: In new park, Bend’s dog owners get the smoker treatment

District bans a potentially unpopular park use on a flimsy pretext. Sound familiar?

If you live in or near Bend, and if you own a dog with which … Read more

Lukens column: Is religious intolerance the Oregon Democratic Party brand?

Party chair all but calls official’s support for ‘traditional marriage’ hate speech

Like plenty of people, I don’t share Secretary of State Dennis Richardson’s views on the … Read more

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