On Monday afternoon, The Bulletin will unveil a redesigned website. The new look will be familiar to readers who access our content online. It’s not that different. Rather than producing something radically new, we intended to make The Bulletin’s site cleaner and more contemporary with a particular focus on usability for mobile devices.

We hope you like it and invite your feedback.

We invite you to visit the site (www.bendbulletin.com) and take a look. Here, however, are a handful of the most significant changes.

• We’ve replaced the home page slideshow — the rotating photo gallery of our top articles — with a static array that features a single lead story followed by other top stories.

• The home-page section areas (local, opinion, entertainment and so on) feature more photos, and their layout can be customized by section editors as content dictates.

• We’ve added reporters’ pictures, bios and previous story links to their articles, making them a little easier to get to know.

• Users can to expand or shrink the size of the text on article pages.

• There’s a “Submit a news tip” link in the home-page footer. We invite you to share story ideas and photos with us.

There’s plenty more, so please take a moment beginning Monday to peruse the site. We’ll turn off our paywall for a week, so users won’t have to log in.

For those who prefer, The Bulletin has a new smartphone app. Readers who used the old app will have noticed that it automatically updated. Readers who’ve never used our app can find the new one by going to the app store and searching for “The Bulletin app.” If you’re reading this online, you can get the app by following this link: http://marketplace-redirect.doapps.com/3352. While not as rich in content or features as the website, the streamlined app is quite user-friendly. Take at look at us on each; the choice is yours.

The Bulletin’s web development team conducted extensive usability testing prior to Monday’s launch, but inevitably, something will have been missed. 

If you see elements of our redesigned site that you dislike, because we’ve made a mistake or because we could have made a feature easier to use, please let us know by emailing webmaster@bendbulletin.com .

— Erik Lukens is editor of The Bulletin.