You probably have a few questions about Fruit of the Zoom, the coed team that won the 25-29 age division at Saturday’s Pole Pedal Paddle while dressed as, yes, fruit.

For starters, why dress as fruit?

It’s pretty simple: Ryan Dupuie, 29 and of Bend, just wanted an excuse to wear a banana costume. Also, it made sense with the best name the team could think of, “Fruit of the Zoom,” which is objectively excellent.

Is it difficult to sprint 800 meters in a grape costume? According to Isaac Harris, yes.

“I lost a grape on the course,” Harris, 30, said. “There’s a grape somewhere out there. If you find it, let me know.”

Why did team members Marcus Farris, 28, and Ashley Ryan, 27, not dress in costume at all?

“He didn’t want to be a pineapple,” Dupuie explained.

“Pineapple is not the most aerodynamic fruit,” said Farris, who completed the nordic ski and bike legs. “Maybe if I was a banana...”

And as for what comes next, Fruit of the Zoom floated the idea of dressing as lighter fare in 2019. Tacos, maybe.

“Sponsored by Taco Salsa,” Harris joked, referring to a local restaurant. “That’s the ultimate goal.”

—Victoria Jacobsen