Zane Strait said his goal was to win his age group in Saturday’s Pole Pedal Paddle. Well, mission accomplished. Strait, 12, was the lone boy to compete as an individual in the 12-and-under category, finishing the race in 2:28:29.7. (The lone 12-and-under girl, Emma Trojan, finished in 3:21:29.3.)

“I did it last year, and I did four of the six relay legs,” Strait explained. “I felt pretty good on that, so I wanted to try the whole thing this year.”

Strait, who prefers alpine skiing, said he felt pretty good even after adding the nordic ski and running legs to his workload this year. If he tries the full race again next year, he will likely face a bit more competition: Will Lange finished atop a field of three competitors in the boys 13-17 division in 2:25:19.3.

“If they felt up to it, I would definitely say yes,” Strait said when asked if he would recommend the experience to other kids his age. “It’s just fun to do, to see how hard you can push yourself and go for it.”

—Victoria Jacobsen