The Musgrave name is known for football.

Brothers Bill and Doug were quarterbacks at the University of Oregon, and Luke, Doug’s oldest son and a senior at Bend High, has signed to play tight end at Oregon State.

But Colt Musgrave, Luke’s younger brother, is making a name for himself with the Lava Bears alpine ski team.

He won the Oregon School Ski Association boys combined overall title last winter as a freshman and then finished second this year, winning the final slalom and giant slalom races of the season this past Friday and Saturday at Mt. Bachelor ski area.

Colt’s mother, Amy, was on the U.S. developmental ski team in late 1980s, and she had her two sons skiing at Mt. Hood Skibowl by the time they were 5 and 3 years old.

Amy Musgrave recalls that the family, then living in Vancouver, Washington, would go to Mount Hood most weekends in the winter.

“It was just a really good way to have family time together,” she says. “My parents had a place there, and we’d stay and get away and ski all weekend. It was a sport I could share with them. It’s a great sport. It develops good core, good lower-extremity strength, and you’re always in an athletic position, having to move. At a young age it was something they (Luke and Colt) could do and we could do as a family.”

At 5 years old, Colt joined the Mt. Hood Race Team at Skibowl. Coached by his mother, Colt took part in the Mitey Mite program, a race series for kids ages 6-13.

At age 10, Colt won his first Skimeister Award at the ­Oregon 4-Way Championships at Skibowl. Colt had the best overall performance in the competition’s four events — cross-country, jumping, slalom and giant slalom.

The following year, he finished second overall at the Pacific Northwest Ski Association Championships at Schweitzer Mountain in Idaho.

After the family moved to Bend nearly five years ago, Colt began competing with Mt. Bachelor Sports Education Foundation, and as a seventh-­grader he finished in the top 10 in the giant slalom at the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association Western Regional Championships in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

But he stopped racing with MBSEF once he got to high school.

“I really liked (MBSEF), but it got in the way of school and we had to miss school for races and training,” he says. “High school racing is really good because all my friends do it.”

Skiing is also not Musgrave’s only sport.

He has played football since preschool and lacrosse since the second grade.

At Bend High, he was the junior varsity quarterback last fall and swung between the JV and varsity lacrosse teams last spring.

“I think playing multiple sports makes you a better athlete,” he says. “It keeps you competitive all year. I don’t want to get lazy. I’m a competitive person, and when I compete it pushes me more than when I’m just working out by myself. I’ve heard a lot of good things about playing more than one sport, and I love all the sports I do.”

While Musgrave was leading Bend’s ski team this winter, he was also working out with other football players twice a week after school at Fusion Fitness and playing lacrosse on Sundays at Cascade Indoor Sports.

Last Friday, hours after winning the slalom, he attended Bend High’s lacrosse tryouts.

“He’s one of those well-rounded three-sport athletes that we all want in high school sports,” Bend alpine ski coach Gregg Timm says. “He’s the hardest-working kid around that I know of.”

Musgrave, who says he is one of only two athletes who are on both the Lava Bears ski and football teams, is also no slouch in the classroom.

“School this year is hard. I’m taking the hardest classes I can take, too,” says Musgrave, whose schedule includes multiple International Baccalaureate preparatory classes. “It’s a busy year. There’s a lot of homework. It’s hard to find time to hang out with friends.”

While Musgrave says football is his favorite sport, he has not given much thought to following in his father’s, uncle’s and brother’s footsteps and playing in college.

“I’m my own person,” he says.

“I don’t have any pressure (to play football in college). I’m just thinking about next year. That’s one of my goals and aspirations to play and take it to the next level, but it’s not something I’m really thinking about. I’m just thinking about getting better to help my team next year.”

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