By Nick Daschel

The Oregonian

CORVALLIS — Oregon State redshirt sophomore cornerback Myles Green-Richards may be finished with football because of a medical condition.

Green-Richards, a graduate of Eugene’s Churchill High School who transferred from Washington State last year, did not report for football camp in August.

Since spring, Green-Richards has been experiencing a stomach condition that caused him to vomit when he exercised.

In a message that he passed on to The Oregonian, Green-Richards wrote to friends: “I hadn’t been able to exercise at high levels without excessive vomiting up to six times a day in some cases. I battled this for months trying to make it to workouts and push through a feeling that was foreign to me in athletics.”

The note continued: “Vomiting every day led to illnesses … acid damage in the throat, bacterial misbalances in my stomach and much more. I’ve taken multiple tests, scopes, etc. and we’re still trying to figure out why I’ve woken up with this feeling over six months now. Doctors are telling me that if I keep working to the point of vomiting and we don’t make my stomach my main priority and focus, I could develop issue that could make my life permanently miserable.

“Having to step away from sports and figure out what’s going on with me isn’t really a decision for me as I love myself enough to know when it’s time to take serious action or there will be serious consequences. I love OSU and football and coach (Jonathan) Smith. I know God has a plan for me. I just have to find it through this crazy journey he’s taking me on.”

Green-Richards says he is enrolled in classes at Oregon State.

“I’m a Beaver for life,” Green-Richards wrote in a message to The Oregonian. “If I find my way back to football ever it would be for Coach Smith and my brothers at OSU.’”