The  Oregon State Beavers football program has not been shy about adding transfer talent this fall, specifically from the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Oregon State added a trio of former Nebraska players: quarterback Tristan Gebbia, wide receiver Tyjon Lindsey and linebacker Avery Roberts.

That has rubbed Nebraska coach Scott Frost the wrong way

“There’s no doubt in my mind that those kids were probably in touch with some people that they formerly knew that were here,” Frost said.

He added that “if someone is contacting our kids while they’re still our kids, then I’m not going to be a fan of that.”

But the Beavers reportedly are not concerned.

“Oregon State is very confident protocol was followed,” a source close to the program said Thursday regarding the acquisition of transfers.

Having filled up its allotment of the 25-man scholarship limit, Gebbia and Lindsey enrolled at Oregon State as walk-on players, but could be given scholarships after the fall term.

— The Oregonian