By Kevin Hampton

Corvallis Gazette-Times

CORVALLIS — Oregon State interim football coach Cory Hall said he expects inside linebacker Manase Hungalu to play this Saturday at California.

Hungalu was cited by the Corvallis police for violent conduct last weekend for his role in an argument outside a restaurant near the OSU campus.

“He’ll play, if I was to bank on that. I think Manase’s in a good place,” Hall said.

“Obviously there’s a process he has to go through and we’re just waiting with him through that, but he’s fine. He’s got to meet with the administration and we’ve got to hear both sides and get the report and go from there.

“Most importantly, this is something that Manase has been able to learn from and I try to explain to all these athletes that you’re different and you’re portrayed in a certain light and so you have to walk in that light. So he’ll be fine. He’s a great kid.”

— Corvallis Gazette-Times