OAKLAND, Calif. — Klay Thompson rarely complains about his numbers. Yet, the Warriors’ unassuming star could not help but convey his annoyance both with words and body language over not being named on an All-NBA team.

First, Thompson rolled his eyes when informed that Charlotte guard Kemba Walker made the All-NBA third team over him. Then, Thompson questioned his exclusion, which will cost him an extra $30 million he could have earned as a free agent this summer.

“I can’t control it. But do I think there’s that many guards in the league better than me? No,” Thompson said. “But that’s a reason why we’re still playing. So I don’t really want to get into it honestly.”

The NBA has not released its salary cap yet, but Thompson could have landed a so-called “supermax” deal that would be for five years and expected to be worth around $220 million if he re-signs with the Warriors this summer. Because of the exclusion on the All-NBA teams, Thompson can sign up to a five-year deal expected to be worth around $190 million. The Warriors are expected to give Thompson the max contract he expects, but salary cap rules prohibit the Warriors from offering anything more.

Yet, Thompson insisted he can deal with that reality for a simple reason.

“Rings,” he said.

— The (San Jose, Calif.) Mercury News