With free design help at so many home stores, why would you pay a professional?

Sometimes, the average will fulfill your requirements. If you are okay with someone selling you furniture that doesn’t quite fit your definition of perfect, but it’s good enough, then go for it. But if you’re looking for that next step of quality, comfort, ergonomics, aesthetics and even safety, consider seeking out the advice of a trained, experienced Interior Designer at Chi in Bend, Oregon.

Consider the client who is tall, or short, who needs their sofa, chairs, tables, counters, lighting or bathrooms made to accommodate their stature. Good design is not just visual. It is important to consider the many levels of design, including comfort.

A simple example of how ergonomics affects your everyday living is how builders today tend to put the television above the fireplace because it is convenient for them. But their convenience is not necessarily good for you. Straining your neck to crane your view upward long enough to binge watch The Crown will take its toll. An Interior Designer will catch that kind of problem in your floor plan prior to build-out, and can think ahead to various furniture layouts to come up with a solution.

Other accommodations that a client might not consider as optional are the heights of countertops, cabinets and electrical plugs. If you’re truly building a custom home, consider how to make the home comfortable for you for years to come. A tall client may not want the standard 36” high countertops in either the bathrooms or kitchen, but instead 38”. This small shift can help avoid back and neck pain down the road.

Now consider lighting, a crucial part of living in any home. Whether you are light-sensitive and therefore need soft ambient lighting, or you are losing your sight and therefore need strong directed lighting, these are issues that an experienced Interior Designer will take into consideration when designing a custom home—especially for an aging population.

You can always get something that “works” okay, but why would you when really great solutions to home design are available and exactly made for you and your needs? Good design doesn’t just look good — it’ll make you comfortable.

To get in touch with a professional Interior Designer today, please visit complementshome.com.

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