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It’s never been easier for businesses to reach people online. 

Platforms like Facebook have a vast reach that can help advertisers connect with new audiences. The social media giant has 2.74 billion monthly active users, nuanced targeting capabilities and a host of rich, multimedia storytelling options at its disposal.

Still, many businesses undervalue — or even outright ignore — their Facebook pages. Social media management can be time-consuming and complicated, but it’s an essential component of marketing in 2021.   

Dive deeper into the realm of Facebook for Business by reading the primer below.   

Unmatched storytelling capabilities at your fingertips

Facebook posts can incorporate text and images seamlessly, making it easy to convey important information and eye-catching photos. Carousel Ads on Facebook combine two or more images with different headlines and call-to-action buttons, and are highly effective at driving post engagement and website traffic.

whiteboard media - facebook

An example of a Facebook's carousel ad format. 

They’re a great way to tell the story of a brand or promote a new product launch.  

Precise targeting & Lookalike Audiences attract the right people

Like most social networks, Facebook collects information on its users and turns that information into audiences for advertisers. This means that businesses can gain exposure to the exact types of people who might be interested in what they offer. For example, a ski shop could promote its tune-up and repair services to only people who live within a few miles of the shop and have expressed an interest in skiing on Facebook.

Alternatively, businesses can use Lookalike Audiences to target people who reflect the fans they already have. Lookalike Audiences deliver ads to people with similar traits and behaviors to the people who have already “liked” or interacted with a specific page, making them more likely to engage with content and become customers. 

Real-time feedback is priceless

Facebook ads don’t simply disappear into the digital aether once they’re created — they take on a life of their own. As they reach people who are genuinely interested in what’s being promoted, they garner likes, reactions, comments and shares. A simple comment expressing interest can give a brand a window to communicate with a potential customer in meaningful ways.  

whiteboard media - facebook interactions

Businesses can take advantage of Facebook comments by interacting with potential customers. 

Don’t just “Set it, and forget it!”

Legendary television pitchman Ron Popeil was a master of the catchphrase, and his “Set it, and forget it!” mantra helped him sell over 8 million rotisserie ovens in the US. It was a simple concept: once the chicken’s in the oven, you can forget about it until it’s done. 

The same can’t be said for digital marketing campaigns. They need frequent attention and fine-tuning to achieve optimal results. Sometimes a set of ads will underperform and require audience or budget tweaks, or sometimes those ads will need to be paused altogether. Ad sets that outperform the rest of a campaign deserve deep analysis and can influence future marketing decisions.

It’s crucial to identify what’s working and what’s not so that money spent on ads stretches as far as possible. 

That level of commitment can be daunting, and stops many businesses from ever getting started. Don’t let it!  

Let Whiteboard Media guide your Facebook strategy

Whiteboard Media works closely with its clients to develop and maintain campaigns that generate exceptional business results. We identify core audiences, build captivating ads and provide frequent updates. 

To learn more about the ways we can power up your social media presence, visit whiteboardmediagroup.com/contact.


whiteboard media - facebook