A new independent senior living apartment community centered around healthy living is set to open in Bend this August.

Located at 1125 NE Watt Way on the east side of Bend, The Alexander features rooftop views of the Cascade Range amid an alluring high desert landscape. The 136-apartment complex offers studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom layouts that range in size from 410 to 1,475 square feet. Boasting a long list of resort-style amenities aimed at fostering individual and community well-being, The Alexander promises to be an ideal destination for active and independent living in Central Oregon.

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A focus on wellness

If it sets the body in motion, it has a home in Bend. From fly fishing to pickleball and everything in between, the city is a world-class mecca for all things outdoors. Life at The Alexander will be a reflection of its surroundings, said general manager Teri Cilley.

“I am excited that we are offering a lifestyle that does not take away any independence for seniors and yet supports the community lifestyle,” she said.

The Alexander’s wellness program emphasizes seven core dimension of wellness: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, environmental, occupational and spiritual.

Residents seeking to build the framework for an active life will have access to state-of-the-art HUR gym equipment, which uses air pressure as resistance and is easier on joints and muscles than traditional weight machines. The equipment is linked to a computer system that automatically loads custom training routines and exercise settings, tracks user progress and prompts resistance level increases once predefined strength milestones are reached.

“The success of this program has been seen in better mobility and stability and overall improved strength for residents,” Cilley said. “We will have an instructor that will help each resident set up their individual program on the HUR equipment and answer any questions along the way.”

Beyond the fitness center, residents will have access to a yoga and pilates studio, heated indoor pool, sauna and massage parlor. Those interested in Bend’s many cultural or outdoor opportunities will have access to an on-site concierge who can help plan everything from dinners in downtown Bend to camping trips along the Metolius.

Thriving together

Communal spaces abound at The Alexander, playing host to both informal social gatherings and organized activities. Casual billiards can be enjoyed in the game room before an evening film screening at The Alexander’s in-house theatre, or join a fitness class after participating in a resident-led discussion on art, cooking or writing.

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“We are not meant to be walking life alone, but with others to help keep us challenged, engaged in new ideas and growing everyday as we interact with each other,” Cilley said.

Interaction in a relaxed atmosphere is also a key element of the dining experience at The Alexander. Residents can sip a drink together at the bar, share a meal in the bistro or dining room, or quickly fuel up for a hike at the grab-and-go store. The Alexander’s fresh, seasonal, locally-sourced culinary options can even be enjoyed at a specially-designated outdoor dining area.

“Healthy eating and drinking together is a very social activity and good for everyone’s physical and mental health,” Cilley said.

To engage residents in their surrounding community, The Alexander will also help facilitate volunteer work and transportation to scheduled social events held in the Bend area.

Simplify without sacrifice

Ultimately, life at The Alexander is about shedding the mundane and embracing the extraordinary. With amenities like twice-monthly light housekeeping, rooftop fire pits and an on-site bar, it’s easy to forget you’re not vacationing at a faroff resort — you’re right at home.

For more information, please visit thealexanderbend.com or call 458-206-1272.

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