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American households now subscribe to 3.1 streaming services on average, according to Kagan, a media research group. 

When it comes to the world of streaming audio and video, the numbers are simply staggering:

  • More than 4 billion video views are generated on Facebook every day, and the social network has emerged as the top video advertising platform in the US.
  • Streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu are now present in three quarters of American households. 
  • YouTube counts more than 2 billion users globally, and 62 percent of businesses say they use the video sharing network for promotional purposes.
  • Audio streaming giant Spotify boasts 248 million monthly active users, with each user listening for an average of 25 hours per month.

The advertising market for streaming audio and video has grown exponentially in recent years as the world spends more and more time watching, listening to and uploading content. Business owners know that new and existing customers are using streaming services and social media more than ever, and they are building audio and video campaigns to reach them on these popular platforms. Many businesses even count such strategies as the backbone of their marketing efforts because of the sophisticated audience targeting tools and high returns that these services offer. 

Television and radio stations have traditionally taken a blanketed approach to advertising, reaching every user within a specific geographical area. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube offer the same geographical targeting while layering in other parameters that indicate a person’s hobbies and market behavior. These tools give any business the power to reach a very specific subset of the market. For example, a bicycle shop that specializes in mountain bike sales can deliver Facebook and YouTube ads to young outdoor enthusiasts who live within five miles of the shop. These ads are inexpensive to deliver and reach motivated consumers who are likely to engage with the content in meaningful ways.

For many businesses, the creation of professional-grade audio and video advertisements may represent a high barrier to entry to the streaming market. Whiteboard Media is equipped to knock down that barrier by creating high-quality advertisements for any business at a fraction of the cost of traditional media companies. Once an ad is created, Whiteboard Media also has the sophistication to deliver it to receptive audiences on most major streaming platforms. Campaigns are monitored daily and optimized for both audience targeting and cost efficiency. Reports on the effectiveness of any campaign can be generated and shared with clients at scheduled intervals or at the client’s discretion.

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