Blown up to nearly the size of a kiddie pool, a brawny coffee cup lid fills the projector screen in a Science Center classroom at Central Oreg… Read more

Yes, it’s true. Wallpaper is back—and how! From contemporary graphic papers to florals and chinoiseries, even grasscloths in new colors and pa… Read more

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The unrelenting beat of “Staying Alive” blares from a smartphone as four students of Central Oregon Community College’s (COCC) Veterinary Tech… Read more

Only a handful of hybrid-electric cars drove off sales lots in the United States in 1999. Seventeen of them, to be precise. That year, as a ne… Read more

As highway traffic zips across the Crooked River canyon bridge just north of Terrebonne, a group of geology students, in sun hats and daypacks… Read more

Central Oregon’s summertime skies can shift from clear blue to smoke-choked gray in a flash. Whether human-triggered or caused by lightning, w… Read more

Drawing a line between the cities of Bend and Ashland is a tricky task. Google Maps offers a few options, traversing mountains and crossing ri… Read more

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