With low inventories and a reprieve from interest rate hikes, the summer of 2019 is setting up to be a hot market for sellers, with a lot of interest from buyers. What better way than to start the home purchasing season than with an open house? The Central Oregon Association of REALTORS (COAR) is hosting Open House Weekend throughout the region on June 1 and 2.

In 2018, 91 percent of sellers in the United States sold their home using an agent or broker, and 89 percent reported being very or somewhat satisfied with their experience.* If you already have a Realtor, great! Skip to step #3. If not, here is how to start the process.

1. Find a Realtor. There are a few ways to start your search for the right agent.

• Get a referral from a friend, neighbor, or relative. Thirty-nine percent of buyers in 2018 found their agent through a referral.*

• Search for an agent at centraloregonrealtors.com.

• Find an agent who is selling or has sold a property similar to yours.

2. Ask for a listing presentation.

• Discuss comparable listings in the area, their assessment of the listing price, and how long it might take to sell.

• Discuss the listing contract and commission.

3. Meet with your agent.

• Consider a pre-inspection report so that there are no surprises down the road.

• Discuss any improvements the property may need.

• Decide when and if the listing will be placed in the Multiple Listing Service of Central Oregon (MLSCO) and fill out the MLSCO Property Features Form.

• Work with your agent to arrange for photos of the property.

• Discuss whether your listing will be marketed on the Internet.

• Decide on parameters for listing showings.

4. Open House Weekend June 1–2.

• Once your listing is in MLSCO, your agent can select it to be included during Open House Weekend.

5. Prepare your home.

• Work with your Realtor on staging your home.

• Decide with your Realtor whether or not you will be present at the property during Open House Weekend.

6. What to do after Open House Weekend.

• Your Realtor will be able to tell you how many people attended the open house and any leads that came out of it.

• Discuss feedback about what people like and do not like about the property.

• If all goes well, expect that offer soon!

Visit centraloregonrealtors.com to begin your journey to Open House Weekend 2019.

*Data from the National Association of REALTORS 2018 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.

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