Experience the magic of winter through snowshoeing

Experience winter through the magic of snowshoeing

There is an old adage, “If you can walk, you can snowshoe.” Translation: snowshoeing is … Read more

Snowmobiling in Central Oregon

Snowmobiling opens up a whole new world in Central Oregon

Compared to today’s sleek, modern machines, early snowmobiles looked more like preposterous miscalculations of engineering … Read more

Bend’s newly elected mayor, Sally Russell

Sally Russell, Bend’s newly elected mayor, believes in bringing people together to find common ground

Central Oregon is a place that has been in Sally Russell’s life and heart forever. … Read more

Engineering Camp Abbot

When World War II came to the High Desert

Walk through the Village at Sunriver and you will be swept into the modern-day hustle … Read more

Three wars, Three stories

From World War II to Vietnam to Iraq, the heart of a warrior is service.

A child of the Great Depression, Carl Juhl was born in Eugene, Oregon, in 1926. … Read more

Decorating for the Holidays

Embracing a new sense of place can enrich beloved traditions

Looking back on them now, at 27 years of age, the Christmases of my youth … Read more

A century of water in the High Desert

The Central Oregon Water District has been carrying the water for 100 years

Central Oregon is on an explosive growth path. Roads, housing, public transportation—all are hot-button issues … Read more

Bend versus Portland

Let me count the ways ...

Over the past decade, Bend has transformed itself into one of the most enviable places … Read more

Women’s roller derby, ice hockey and rugby in Central Oregon

These girls play tough

It smells like sunscreen and sweat, crushed grass and High Desert dust. The parking lot … Read more

TEDx connects

A festival of ideas that creates community, connection and conversation

In the afternoon of March 31, 2018, Daniel Wendler broke our hearts from the TEDxBend … Read more

Air tours in Central Oregon

From vintage warplanes to smooth floating balloons, touring the High Desert from above is an experience not to miss

Central Oregon is vast. Crook County, Deschutes County, and Jefferson County add up to a … Read more

Larry and His Flask

All grown up and doing it right

There are lots of reasons a good band might come to an end. Financial disputes. … Read more

Central Oregon Aerial Arts

If you ever wanted to run away to the circus, aerial silk arts may be the answer

Aerial arts instructor and business owner Kendall Knowles is a strong woman. At 35, she … Read more

Get your adventure on

Cure your cabin fever with these out-of-the-way places

Horse Ridge Not to be confused with Horse Butte in SW Bend, this area east … Read more

MOsley WOtta: Poet, Performer, Artist, Educator

Jason Graham, wading through the weeds with art and verse

Jason Graham is many things. He is a painter, a slam poet, a musician, and … Read more

Central Oregon Range Wars

Century-old sheep shootings offer a glimpse into the Old West

More than 120 years ago, cattle- men and sheepherders of Central Oregon were locked in … Read more

Lake Resorts Dining

Relive the nostalgia of summer camp at area lake resorts—but the food is better

Summer camp. The smell of dry pine needles under- foot, of campfire smoke and sizzling … Read more

Camping in Central Oregon

“People are beginning to find out thatgoing to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity.” —John Muir

Morning comes. The sun’s early light makes its way over the Cascade Mountain peaks and … Read more

Cycling in Central Oregon

From bike shops to bike clubs, bike trails, and bike races—biking here is a thing

When Serena Bishop Gordon moved to Bend in 2008, bicycle racing wasn’t part of her … Read more

Central Oregon Gardening Calendar

Summer is here! Trees are full, flowers are blooming and lawnmowers are buzzing. To help Central Oregon gardeners keep things green and growing, the Oregon State University Extension Service has compiled an easy to follow gardening calendar by month.

June • Protect young vegetables from frost by having row cover (frost cloth) on hand. … Read more

In Praise of Pollinators

Bees and other insects play an important role in agricultural production.

Central Oregon gardeners and farmers love to be buzzed when standing in their fields and … Read more

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