Another edition of 4 Peaks Music Festival is in the books.

2019 featured performances from headliners The Lil Smokies, Los Lobos and The Wood Brothers, as well as local acts Mosley Wotta and Organized Chaos. 15-year-old organist Maxwell Friedman and 12-year-old fiddler C.J. Neary, both of Bend, served as the festival’s artists-at-large and sat in with various bands throughout the four-day event, which was held at the Stevenson Ranch in southeast Bend.

“C.J. had especially good times with Los Lobos on the Cascade Mountain Stage and Billy Strings on the Lava Rock Stage,” said Gregg Morris, marketing director at 4 Peaks. “And, not many will forget Maxwell playing with Andy Frasco & the U.N.”

Morris cited additional ticketing options, including a Sunday-only pass, as elements that enhanced the 2019 experience for festival-goers.

“By offering a cheaper rate for a taste of the festival, newcomers were able to see what 4 Peaks is all about,” Morris said.

The Kidlandia Stage once again showcased some of Central Oregon’s top young talent, hosting performances from acts such as Ella Rider and 3Thirds, as well as ukulele and drumming workshops, Capoeira lessons and crafting activities. Bands played impromptu late-night campground sets throughout the weekend, creating an atmosphere of freewheeling spontaneity that is rare among larger, more corporate festivals.

Grammy-nominated folk band The Wood Brothers performs on the Cascades Mountain Range stage at 2019’s 4 Peaks Music Festival. (Photo credit: Gray Calicott)

Speaking of not being corporate … the crew from Tokyo Starfish was on hand for the weekend’s antics. The Bend cannabis dispensary was a supporting sponsor of this year’s festival, holding down booths at the VIP area and near the Junction Stage. To the immense disappointment of many, they were unable to hand out any of their signature “products,” though attendees received plenty of free Tokyo Starfish swag, and the team launched a flurry of beach balls skywards during the three-day ruckus.

“Tokyo was looking for a fun, community vibe event that was slightly different from our ‘action sports,’ punk-rock vibes for events we’ve sponsored in the past,” said Jason Shurtz, marketing manager at Tokyo Starfish. “We are so lucky and grateful to be a part of this awesome community and really wanted to expand our reach to meet some new friends who may not have been at some of our other events we have done before.”

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