Complements Home Interiors

Yes, it’s true. Wallpaper is back—and how! From contemporary graphic papers to florals and chinoiseries, even grasscloths in new colors and patterns, wallpaper is back in vogue with a 21st Century bent.

Are you ready to add some color and flair, or perhaps some calm and sophistication to a room? Or do you want to create a focal point by accenting an otherwise uninteresting wall? How about adding fun to a small, colorless bathroom? Or something retro for your kid’s room?

Wallpaper creates a world where design combines in wonderful ways to explode with new and fresh ideas. Using a large-scale pattern in a small room can add dimension and the illusion of more space. Conversely, it can add coziness to a large room by drawing you in. Whether graphic, floral, paisley or striped, this can be an exciting addition to your home.

Wallpaper expresses your creativity, and yes, your interior designer can even design a custom paper just for you!

The variety of available wallpaper is greater than it has ever been. Visit Complements Home Interiors and break out of the expected to spice up your home with a contemporary wallpaper!