Oregon State University College of Business

When choosing an MBA program, you’re looking for one that will position you well for your career goals, provide valuable learning experiences, and help you build a network of like-minded peers who will support you throughout your career.

But you’re also looking for a program that fits your needs. Whether that’s the flexibility of online learning or one that pairs that flexibility with in-person class sessions, Oregon State University has it all.

In addition to its on-campus option in Corvallis, Oregon, Oregon State’s MBA program has expanded its offerings to better meet the needs of working professionals. The program now offers a fully online option through the top-ranked Oregon State Ecampus, as well as a hybrid model with classes delivered online and in person right in your backyard at OSU-Cascades in Bend, Oregon, or at the OSU Portland Center at Pioneer Square in downtown Portland, Oregon.

All four engaging MBA tracks (business analytics, marketing, organizational leadership, and supply chain and logistics management) provide a comprehensive blend of academic rigor and experiential learning opportunities to keep your career moving forward.

“I’ve loved the MBA program and faculty. It definitely helped me get to where I am today,” says MBA alumna Maria Sar, who works as a senior credit analyst for Nike. “The program is very flexible ­— not easy, but manageable. And I’m glad it’s not easy because it prepares you well for the business world.”

Known for its high level of faculty involvement, the Oregon State MBA program connects OSU College of Business’ world-class faculty with students for personalized support and ample networking opportunities — no matter where you live.

“What I liked most about my experience with the MBA program was the student and teacher interaction,” says MBA alumna Rachel Salazar, who works as a senior procurement manager at BIOTRONIK. “It was really important to me to have an interaction with students and faculty from all over the world with different global viewpoints, because I knew I wanted to work for a company that was located in other countries and had a global footprint.”

The Oregon State MBA is more than just a master’s-level business education that you can obtain without sacrificing your career. It’s designed with feedback from alumni and industry partners as a direct response to market needs, which uniquely positions you well for your career.

“The MBA program prepared me for my current role by providing an environment where we’re critically assessing case studies, looking at companies that are on the cutting edge across many different industries,” says MBA alum Ian Baker, who works as an innovation manager for Nike. “The MBA program helped me to have the right mindset that allows you to think outside of the constraints that you’re provided. We are creating new ways of working together, collaborating with teams that are truly global and across functions that are typically siloed.”