Gary and Courtney Christenson could live anywhere, but when it comes to family, community, and living an outdoor lifestyle, Bend fits their family perfectly.

“We moved to Bend thirteen years ago and fell in love with the community,” said Gary.

Family obligations took them out of state, but eventually they made their way back. “Our kids are eight and ten years old,” said Gary. “We wanted them to be connected to the outdoors and such a good community of people.” The Christensons also resonate with Bend’s creative business atmosphere.

“If there’s something missing in Bend, someone will figure it out and just start it,” said Courtney. That kind of entrepreneurial spirit describes their focus on creating a business that serves the region’s population, from homeowners to service industry employees.

The Christensons are co-founders of WeClean—Central Oregon’s new, innovative solution to cleaning Airbnbs and vacation rentals—a company that reflects Bend’s role as a tourist destination while creating flexible, well-paying jobs for locals.

WeClean’s business model is a win/win for everyone: it helps rental owners save time and increase efficiency, ensures that guests have a positive rental experience, and builds our local community by creating jobs that pay a living wage.

To connect the key players together, the software-based company operates locally, keeping the money right here in Central Oregon.

WeClean’s on-demand cleaning and easy, online booking process is especially helpful for Airbnb hosts during busy summers and holidays when they have a short window of time for turnover cleaning.

“We provide an option to get your place cleaned with just a couple clicks of a button,” said the Christensons’ business partner, Jared Hineman.

One happy Airbnb owner in Bend described their experience with WeClean by saying, “It was such a relief to reclaim the time I usually spend cleaning our rental. Our cleaner came on time, was friendly, non-disruptive, and got the work done quickly.”

“We’ve created a technical solution to finding an insured and vetted cleaner who’s ready to head out the door when hosts need their properties cleaned before the next guest arrives,” said Hineman. “We use an online booking platform to schedule it out. Our workers are background-checked and we conduct personal interviews to ensure cleaners have the skills to do the job right and that they align with our company values.”

One of those values is WeClean’s requirement that their cleaners use only natural cleaning products for both sustainability and safety reasons.

“Like a lot of Central Oregonians, we value a more natural approach to cleaning… we suggest several brands for our cleaners to use and some of them make their own solutions. We want hosts and guests to walk into a clean, fresh-smelling home that makes them feel welcome and well taken care of,” Hineman said.

Another value is supporting the Central Oregon community where we all live, work, and play while helping hosts maximize their short-term rental.

“For a lot of people, Bend can be a hard place to make ends meet. But as a community, we’re all in this together. WeClean is our way of trying to make the beautiful and unique aspects of our town work for everyone,” Courtney explains.

WeClean ensures that Bend’s tourism benefits the entire community… and the tourists!

“One of our main motivators is to create a system where both our cleaners and our hosts can plan their work around their life, not their life around their work. We want to help rental owners manage their workload and create flexible, living-wage jobs so everyone can afford to live and raise their families in Bend… while also making our town’s tourist experience as pleasant as possible—it’s a trifecta for a high-quality life in our community!” Gary concluded.

Curious hosts and job seekers can visit WeClean’s website, www.wecleanbnbs.com, to see how WeClean’s quick, efficient, online scheduling will give them more time to get outside and enjoy Central Oregon.