Chi/Complements Home Interiors

If you’re that hibernating person who looks forward to winter as a time to relax in front of the fireplace, read a book and generally recoup, then now is the perfect time to make your living room cozy, comfortable and inviting. There’s a reason they call it a living room.

When you and your family want to plop on the sofa or chairs, be sure they’re comfy but not too soft (nobody wants a backache in the morning); deep but not so deep that you can’t touch the ground with your toes; in proportion to the space they’ll occupy in your home and upholstered in fabric that isn’t scratchy, wrinkly or stains easily.

Whew! Sounds like a tall order. Well, if you’re trying to choose that sofa or those chairs on your own, it can be. But, by asking the right questions, a good interior designer can help you find your perfect mate — in a piece of furniture, that is. Insight and a bit of reflection on your needs, lifestyle, who uses the room, how and when is important to the furniture you choose. After all, you’ll be together for many years to come!

On the other hand, do you have parties planned from Thanksgiving through New Year’s? If so, it’s time to pump up the volume on your space. Accessorizing for each of the holidays shows off your space at its best. Pillows are fun, inexpensive accessories that are easy enough to change out to make way for the next season. Try warm, deep colors for Thanksgiving, festive, patterned fabrics for Christmas or Hanukkah, and jewel tones for New Year’s.

Whether you’re lounging or entertaining, make sure the room where you plan to spend your time this season is looking inviting. An interior designer can help bring together all the elements of your living room into a space you won’t want to leave.