Cleaner Living NW

For most of us, our home is our most precious space on the entire planet. It’s where we rest, recharge, bond with loved ones and hopefully, find safety and comfort.

Two very important elements to maintaining the safety and comfort factor in our homes is 1) It’s cleanliness and overall healthy environment and 2) Who we trust to be in our homes while we are away.

When it comes to a clean and healthy house, many busy homeowners opt to hire outside professionals. But with that takes some very important decisions … who can you trust to be professional, thorough and honest? And which cleaning service uses the least toxic and highly eco-friendly cleaning agents?

It is these two elements that make Cleaner Living NW stand out above the rest.

The Redmond-based professional cleaning service uses an exclusive line of Green Seal certified solutions, Nurturals, created by owner Elizabeth Buchanan.

“I think we’re the only cleaning company in Central Oregon that is using our own signature line of products that is truly Green-Seal certified,” said Buchanan.

All Nurturals products have 100% naturally derived ingredients, with no VOCs, no chlorine bleach, no synthetic fragrances or dyes and is phosphate and gluten free. All the products are safe and naturally wipe out bacteria, germs, grease, grime and tough stains.

Nurturals products do not contain any synthetic fragrances, dyes, parabens, petroleum solvents, alcohol, sodium laurel/laureth sulfates or ethoxylates. The formula was originally used to clean wildlife affected by oil spills. It also works wonders as a de-greaser, bathroom, kitchen and all purpose cleaner. This product is perfect for people living with pets, allergies, asthma and the desire to live a chemical free lifestyle and detox their home.

Cleaner Living NW’s signature cleaner comes naturally unscented in recognition that clients-particularly those who have weakened immune systems-might be sensitive to odors. But the company will add scents using 100% pure essentials oils such as peppermint, lemon grass and citrus upon request.

Clients who use Cleaner Living NW’s services can have peace of mind that all the cleaning staff are thoroughly vetted and have passed background checks to ensure safety and security.

“At Cleaner Living NW, we believe our cleaning partners are the face of our company. We will send you only the most experienced and professionally mannered cleaners we can find, because having your home cleaned is so much more than just calling in a maid service,” said Buchanan.

Many longtime clients of Cleaner Living NW have built relationships with the cleaning staff and find huge benefits in having the same cleaner everytime who knows the client’s family, pets and living situation.

“Communication is key! Our professionals are dedicated to serving you and can tailor our services to meet your needs. Cleaner Living NW has the most experienced professionals in the industry. If you have a special request, our professionals will be there to help you every time,” said Buchanan.

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