Chi/Complements Home Interiors

We are now in a world of devices. Tablets, smartphones, voice controlled speakers — Alexa, Echo, Google Home, Nest, Ring. We can turn on the oven to start cooking dinner while stuck at the office. We can turn on music upstairs while we’re busy working downstairs. We can add to our grocery list and have it show up on our phone when we arrive at the store. We can heat our houses from the other side of the world.

Another use for these smart home devices is to operate power window blinds. Hunter Douglas PowerView blinds with a hub are not just great looking and available in lots of contemporary styles, they can also be operated from your smartphone, Alexa or Google Home.

The blinds can be set to go up at sun-up or down at the hottest or coldest time of the day. While this may seem frivolous, think of someone who is confined to a wheelchair or of the convenience to an elderly parent. Also, consider the savings of energy and the increase in security.

Our world is changing fast and will only continue to use more smart devices to make our lives easier. Power blinds are one very simple way to add convenience to our day. Visit Complements Home Interiors in Bend to see if these blinds are the right solution to your lifestyle.