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Why is it when you walk into a room that has that just-right color you feel good, even relaxed?

Color has the ability to make us energized, calm, sad, eat more, sleep better and even feel romantic. There is tried and true evidence that certain colors can elicit certain feelings. Hopefully this will shed some light on color and how to use it in your home.

Red can make you feel energized. In a restaurant it will stimulate your appetite to make you eat faster and possibly more. It is also the color of passion, power and wealth. Red will increase your blood pressure and your respiration rate. Women tend to be drawn to cherry red and men to orange red. Red is a great accent color but should be used sparingly.

Pink connotes love, compassion and calmness. It has been used in mental hospitals to help calm patients and in prisons to help soothe inmates.

Orange, a warm color, creates a social feeling, stirs up energy and makes people feel like they belong. This color is best in kitchens and family rooms where people gather.

Peach will add romance to your life when added to your bedroom.

Yellow is the first color a baby sees. This warm color will make you feel happy. It also helps to digest food and process thoughts. Even so, it is the hardest color to get exactly right! Yellow can agitate if it isn’t quite right, and too much of it will make you feel fatigued. Use it sparingly, or consult with an interior designer from Complements Home Interiors.

Green has the ability to be calming, healing, and nourishing. A fresh color, it is great for a doctor’s office or a spa. It also helps with digestion in a kitchen.

Blue is a cool color that evokes quiet and harmony. People sleep better in pale blue bedrooms than any other color. Blue is not a good color for restaurants as it tones down appetite. However, it is a good color for dishes if you want to lose weight. To bring energy to a blue room, add a red accent. It’s a good choice for waiting rooms where it will calm people while they wait.

Violet and purple are colors that create a sense of drama and richness. They can evoke a feeling of sultry nights. Used in a room for meditation or yoga, or a small space like a powder room, they’re wonderful.

Brown creates a sense of security and comfort. Brown is a reassuring color and makes a good backdrop.

White signifies purity, a beginning. Though it appears to be neutral, it’s not. Each white has undertones of warm or cool colors. This should always be taken into account when using white.

Black is mysterious and powerful. Black creates a feeling of reserve and protectiveness. It is a good accent color or can be used as a boundary between rooms.

Grey is unassuming and friendly to all colors.