Having a quiet space in your home is essential to recharging yourself. After an especially busy day, it’s vital that you’re able to find a sanctuary in your quiet space. Sometimes our homes appear “noisy.” They’re cluttered with the stuff of daily life — paperwork that needs to be returned to your kid’s teacher, bills that need to be paid, magazines that haven’t been read. As the adult in the house, you should have an area where you can escape and take a time-out. How do you find that quiet spot to decompress?

First, set your phone to silent and leave it behind. Then, find a chair that’s comfortable to you — a chair that suits your body height, size and leg depth. Set it someplace with good natural light and some kind of boundary that closes you in and others out. Preferably, the boundary is a door, but a screen that blocks your view of what else is happening around you will do. You’ll need a good lamp for reading and an outlet for a charging station if you plan to listen to music or podcasts. Noise-canceling headphones would be helpful. It’s important that the cleanliness of the quiet space is maintained to create a deeper sense of calm.

Treating yourself to an at-home workout may be your idea of relaxation. If so, that space should have a door, so you won’t be bothered by others during the workout. The space should give you enough room to put down a yoga mat to stretch or use weights freely. You may want to watch a favorite DVD or YouTube video on television while working out. Again, the space should be clutter-free, so you can work out with a clear mind.

This calm space is yours. It should have favorite touches that speak to you — a colorful throw, perhaps, favorite photos or books that bring back fond memories.

To present your best self to the world, you need to recharge. Take the time and effort to create a space in your home that’s conducive to that end.