Has your home become a little too comfy for your own good? Does your sofa fit your bum a little too well? Do feathers float out of your favorite chair when you sit down? Then it’s time to add chic back into your comfortable living room.

How can you add the chic back into your home? Start by looking at things with a fresh set of eyes. If an interior designer is in your budget, by all means hire one to help you pull your home together. If you are on a tighter budget, call a good friend to walk through and give you her or his honest opinion about how your home is really looking.

Updating your upholstered furniture, if it’s older than 10 years, is a good start. That doesn’t mean you need to toss out your sofa and chairs. What it does mean is that you should, at the bare minimum, treat them to new filler cushions and a recover job. Edit those dated accessories as well. Invest in new pillows or a soft throw.

Chic comes from finding a theme and sticking with it throughout the area you’re concentrating on. When you look in shelter magazines, you’ll notice the rooms that catch your eye and are the most soothing have one thing in common: the layering of a single color. One color repeated in many forms — a pale gray sofa with a textured, darker, charcoal gray area rug; pillows with a subtle pattern in a warm gray; a rich, cool gray throw that complements all these layers — will keep your chic room on track.

Next, add an accent pattern to a chair — maybe a geometric fabric on a wingback — for pop. Perhaps choose geometric, hexagonal side tables that can be thrown together to double as one coffee table. To add up-to-date chic to those tables choose a matte gold or a concrete finish. Don’t forget to update the lighting and art, too — the glue that pulls it all together. Stand back and take a look. Your comfy room has gone to chic.