Depression may make brains age faster

Memory and thinking skills naturally slow with age, but now scientists are peeking inside living … Read more

Scientists reveal climate forecast for 2080

Scientists have figured out the climate forecast for the year 2080 in hundreds of cities … Read more

Consumers treat plastic like a drug habit to kick

For Beth Terry, the epiphany came when she read an article about how albatross chicks … Read more

Locals find monarch colony in Mexico after yearslong search

AMANALCO DE BECERRA, Mexico — For years, park rangers and conservationists working around Mexico’s Nevado … Read more

Runner recounts life-or-death fight with mountain lion

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — When a young mountain lion clamped its jaws onto Travis Kauffman’s … Read more

Can surveillance keep students safe — and flag ‘bad’ ones?

Kimberly Krawczyk says she would do anything to keep her students safe. A year ago … Read more

Scared of a superbug? Swabbing, special soap and mouthwash could protect against infection

Think of it as decontaminating yourself. Hospitalized patients who harbor certain superbugs can cut their … Read more

Bend coworking space provides free office to startup founders

BendTech will support a new founder each quarter

Starting in March, the BendTech coworking space on SW Emkay Drive will make one of … Read more

Searching for the origins of the elements

Scientists scour the cosmos for the periodic table’s 118 elements

Since the invention of the periodic table 150 years ago this month, scientists have worked … Read more

Are your kids racking up mobile game charges? You can fight back

Is your child a “whale?” A teenager once spent $6,500 on Facebook games over two … Read more

What does ‘I love you’ mean? It depends on what language you speak

In English, “I love you” can have the power of a magic spell or an … Read more

Watercolor archive reveals stark image of the change brought by human activity

In the 18th century, watercolors became a popular way for professional and amateur artists alike … Read more

Making new drugs with a dose of artificial intelligence

You can think of it as a World Cup of biochemical research. Every two years, … Read more

Cows get Tinder-style app to help breeders

Cows and bulls searching for love now have a mobile app to help their breeders. … Read more

Dozens of polar bears terrorize Russian outpost

MOSCOW — Dozens of polar bears have laid siege to a small military settlement deep … Read more

AI shows promise as a physician assistant

Each year, millions of Americans walk out of a doctor’s office with a misdiagnosis. Physicians … Read more

New spacecraft would save Earth from collision with asteroid

BALTIMORE — A team of scientists, astronomers and engineers meets weekly in a conference room … Read more

Islands helped penguins evolve; then hungry humans showed up

For thousands of years, penguins have darted through the waters of the southern oceans, chasing … Read more

Central Oregon Community College tries to build code school in Bend

Dev Station will use curriculum from Code Fellows

Bend is inching closer to its first software programming school with the beginning of a … Read more

Surgeries postponed after BendBroadband data center loses power

St. Charles Health System is among The Vault’s customers

St. Charles Health System postponed elective surgeries Thursday after a power outage at a Bend … Read more

New fitness test aims for more combat-ready troops

FORT BRAGG, N.C. — Army soldiers struggle to haul heavy sleds backward as fast as … Read more

Where have Earth’s craters gone?

Research suggests the pace of space rocks pummeling Earth and the moon has changed

Where have Earth’s craters gone? Certainly, we have the striking Meteor Crater in Arizona, and … Read more

Global cruise lines use technology to add a personal touch

Global cruise lines are rolling out technology to help servers deliver cocktails to passengers who … Read more

What’s an atmospheric river?

Weather phenomenon common in the West causes lots of rain and, potentially, damage — so it’s getting a 1-to-5 scale, similar to hurricanes

LOS ANGELES — Marty Ralph was sitting in a San Francisco restaurant a couple of … Read more

A harmonious bond between authors, audiobook narrators

Jonathan Maberry, a fiercely prolific author of often frightening novels, hears voices rattling in his … Read more

Polar-weather experiments don’t always follow a neat path

EVANSTON, Ill. — It was minus 15 degrees here on Wednesday afternoon, near the epicenter … Read more

Sensors to keep diaries of sharks

PALM BEACH, Fla. — The migration of blacktip sharks to South Florida is a well-documented … Read more

Magnetic North Pole is on the move — and this time, quickly

The north magnetic pole is restless. Distinct from the geographic North Pole, where all the … Read more

Children in pain: Girls may be trusted less than boys

A child’s finger is pricked at a doctor’s office, and the child cries out. “Ow! … Read more

CDC: Kids are overdoing it on the toothpaste

Many parents are squeezing potentially unhealthy amounts of toothpaste on their children’s brushes, health officials … Read more

National parks rush to repair damage after the shutdown

SALT LAKE CITY — National parks across the United States are scrambling to clean up … Read more

Discovery of changes in ocean circulation is big for researchers

It may be the biggest wild card in the climate system. Scientists have long feared … Read more

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