Archaeologists uncover ‘vampire burial’ site

Burial practices reveal fear that the dead may return from the grave

Inside a miniature tomb, in the middle of what used to be a sprawling Roman … Read more

Huge San Diego earthquake simulator to get an upgrade

SAN DIEGO — The University of California, San Diego’s outdoor shake table in Scripps Ranch … Read more

DNA sequencing is putting other people’s privacy in jeopardy

Everyone’s DNA sequence is unique. For those who wish to maintain their genetic privacy, it … Read more

When the moon eclipsed the sun, bees stopped buzzing

Last year’s Great American Eclipse drew hundreds of millions of eyes to the sky. While … Read more

Program to build the Mars rocket could double in price

The powerful rocket NASA has been developing for years in its quest to get to … Read more

Meet Angus, the robotic farmer

California startup wants to grow vegetables robotically in urban areas

SAN CARLOS, Calif. — Brandon Alexander would like to introduce you to Angus, the farmer … Read more

Remarkable rolls: America’s fattest bear has officially been crowned

An Alaskan brown bear known as 409 Beadnose had her hands full with two new … Read more

Review: These products can record like a VCR

Q: Do any manufacturers make a DVR that has a broadcast tuner and internal memory, … Read more

NASA spacecraft hurtles closer to sun than any mission before

At the center of the sun is a raging nuclear inferno that reaches temperatures well … Read more

Science notes: Why elephant skin is wrinkly, more

Why elephants don’t shed their skin The African elephant is known for its thick, wrinkly … Read more

GM tracked radio listening habits for 3 months: Here’s why

Whether you’re using your cellphone or listening to your car radio, it’s likely that someone … Read more

Your dog may be smart — but exceptional? Not likely

Cat lovers of the world rejoice! In the long-simmering dispute over whether dogs are smarter … Read more

Experts fight ‘superbugs’ that could kill millions

SEATTLE — Catching an ear infection is uncomfortable enough, but imagine if the antibiotics a … Read more

Journals targeted by hoax

One paper, published in a journal called Sex Roles, said the author had conducted a … Read more

Introducing Sans Forgetica, the font designed to boost memory

A new font can help lodge information deeper in your brain, researchers say, but it’s … Read more

Rare Colorado River fish is pulled back from extinction

DENVER — Another rare Colorado River fish has been pulled back from the brink of … Read more

1 in 3 eat fast food on a typical day, and all day

If you’re an adult in America, there’s a better than 1 in 3 chance that … Read more

It might be the first moon seen outside our system, and it’s big

In flickering light of a distant sun, scientists may have discovered the first moon outside … Read more

Drug makes antisocial octopuses ready to mingle

When scientists gave the octopuses ecstasy, the cephalopods wanted to hug

If you give an octopus MDMA, it will get touchy and want to mingle. What … Read more

For just the 3rd time in 117 years, a woman wins the Nobel Prize in physics

Since 1901, when the annual Nobel Prize in physics was first awarded, it has been … Read more

Review: Yoyo speakers offer great sound quality

Question: I might buy the Yoyo (L) from Cambridge Audio since their Air 100 and … Read more

Researchers create device to detect mosquito species common for disease

AUSTIN, Texas — Standing three matchboxes tall, a device out of the University of Texas … Read more

Mystery dinosaur will stay in the basement

When the new fossil hall at the National Museum of Natural History opens in June, … Read more

Science notes: Elephant bird reigns, killer whale threat

Elephant bird regains title: largest bird ever History has not been kind to the elephant … Read more

Review: Wireless charging adds options

If you’ve read my reviews and columns over the years, you know that I’m a … Read more

Planned EPA rule rollback could go beyond mercury

The Trump administration wants to change federal rulemaking in a way that could make it … Read more

Discoveries that revolutionized cancer care win Nobels

Two researchers from the U.S. and Japan won the Nobel Prize in medicine Monday for … Read more

‘1 October’: How the horrific Vegas shooting got its name

LAS VEGAS — It was the Pulse nightclub shooting. There was the Aurora theater shooting. … Read more

Dusky gopher frog goes before Supreme Court

SUCCESS, Miss. — When does the mood strike for a dusky gopher frog? In the … Read more

Some termite societies ‘overthrow patriarchy’

Termites often are dismissed as nothing but home-destroying pests, less charismatic than bees, ants or … Read more

More 2017 storms due to warm waters

The Atlantic’s warmer waters triggered the unusual number of major hurricanes last year, according to … Read more

Hidden ruins upend old theories about the Maya

In the autumn of 1929, Anne Morrow Lindbergh and her husband, Charles, flew across the … Read more

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