Sbode sports headphones return, and sound bar reviews

Sbode earphones are back: A few weeks ago I wrote about the recent influx of … Read more

Home security systems can be simple

When a house down the street was burglarized, our neighborhood watch sent out an email … Read more

Artificial trans fats are no more, and your heart is likely thankful

Once ubiquitous in everything from frozen pizza to coffee creamer to popcorn, artificial trans fats … Read more

99-million-year-old frog found encased in amber

At first glance, the oddly shaped splotches darkening a vibrant yellow piece of amber appear … Read more

Animals are shifting from day to night — all to avoid people

NEW YORK — Lions and tigers and bears are increasingly becoming night owls because of … Read more

In 25 years, West Antarctica has tripled its rate of ice loss

The Antarctic ice sheet lost nearly 3 trillion metric tons of ice from 1992 to … Read more

How ice shaped NYC

At the start of the last ice age, 2.6 million years ago, a sheet of … Read more

Creating an image — of God

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — We now know what God might look like — or at least … Read more

Science notes: Lightning in art and stick-insect survival

Does art accurately reflect lightning strikes? Hungarian researchers have found that artists tend to paint … Read more

From London, a tribe’s artifacts come home

16 objects have made the journey from England to Oregon

GRAND RONDE — Tribal artifacts that have been hidden away in the archives of the … Read more

Bend-made video game ‘Days Gone’ gets release date

Sony Interactive Entertainment will release “Days Gone,” the post-apocalyptic game for PlayStation 4, on Feb. … Read more

Sleuthing leads to findings about peculiar ocean fish

SEATTLE — The fish buyer noticed something different about the large, colorful disc-shaped opah waiting … Read more

Swallow this pill; it sends a wireless alert

In the 1966 science fiction classic “Fantastic Voyage,” a submarine crew is miniaturized so it … Read more

Hurricanes are traveling more slowly, and that’s dangerous

WASHINGTON — Tropical cyclones around the world are moving slightly slower over land and water, … Read more

Understanding the evolution of the human brain

Can simulating evolution on a computer explain our enormous brains?

Compared to the rest of the animal kingdom, the human brain is way out of … Read more

Sage grouse DNA shows there’s a science to their mating network

BOISE, Idaho — Sage grouse have a vast network of mating grounds in the West … Read more

Keep PC data safe in the cloud

Q: I’m using Google Drive, Google’s online storage service, with Windows 10 PC. But many … Read more

Scientists debate on moving ailing chimps to sanctuaries

Faylene is a 35-year-old chimpanzee now housed at the Alamogordo Primate Facility in New Mexico. … Read more

Soon, America will launch more rockets faster

In the 1960s, a rocket launch was big news all over the world. Sixty years … Read more

Roboticist programs Google assistant to fire a gun

Alexander Reben has a knack for identifying malevolent potential in things that might otherwise appear … Read more

Millennial couples are in no hurry to tie the knot

The millennial generation’s breezy approach to sexual intimacy helped give rise to apps such as … Read more

Skimping on meds can’t save seniors from rising drug costs

Medicare recipients filled fewer prescriptions for pricey brand-name drugs — but spent more on such … Read more

Everyday activities could yield dementia onset

Subtle changes in driving habits, computer use and medication routines could provide early clues to … Read more

Many with breast cancer don’t need chemo

Many women with early-stage breast cancer who would receive chemotherapy under current standards do not … Read more

74 million hours lost to politics on T-Day

The 2016 election was so toxic that Americans spent nearly 74 million fewer hours with … Read more

Pluto has windswept dunes even though there’s little wind to sweep

By Earth’s standards, you could hardly imagine a stranger world than frigid, tiny Pluto. It … Read more

Scientists pinpoint the 1st lizard

Here’s a fact you should know about the world in which you live: It’s home … Read more

Spotting the elusive snow leopard

Removing the big cats from the endangered list could give the impression they’re safe, some conservationists fear

Living at an extreme altitude amid the perilously steep mountains of the Himalayas and in … Read more

‘Type D’ athletes may let stress heavily affect performance

Athletes who tend to be anxious, self-doubting and error-prone often undermine themselves, according to a … Read more

Just how strong is Marvel villain Thanos?

A Northeastern University engineering professor calculated that Thanos could dead lift a famous ship

In “Avengers: Infinity War,” the latest superhero smash-em-up, Captain America, Iron Man and company face … Read more

Rare albino animals lead precarious lives

Alba is one of the rarest creatures on Earth: She’s the only known albino member … Read more

Is your hard drive nearly full?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to clearing space

Q: The hard drive on my wife’s computer is almost full, even though she uses … Read more

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