Toxic lake in Russia becomes a selfie sensation

MOSCOW — Residents of a city in Siberia don’t need to fly off to tropical … Read more

Could U.S. duplicate the Apollo 11 moon landing today?

Apollo-era experts say nation today lacks the management, national commitment

The passage of half a century has blurred many of the reasons that the United … Read more

Egypt opens 2 ancient pyramids for the first time since 1960s

CAIRO — Egypt on Saturday opened two of its oldest pyramids, about 25 miles south … Read more

Should Armstrong’s bootprints stay on the moon forever?

When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin visited the moon 50 years ago, they left roughly … Read more

Robocall scammers have a new trick

They’re targeting victims using stolen personal data

Scam callers are now using stolen personal information to tailor calls to specific consumers, posing … Read more

DDT contaminants in marine life may threaten condor’s recovery

SAN DIEGO — The California condor’s dramatic recovery from near-extinction was aided by removal of … Read more

Have a pet. Have a pet.

Texas company will clone your dog, cat or other animal for about $50,000

He was the runt of the litter, half the size of the other puppies, but … Read more

Under a microscope: Startups grow meat in lab, face scrutiny

Uma Valeti slices into a pan-fried chicken cutlet in the kitchen of his startup, Memphis … Read more

UNESCO adds heritage sites, ancient to modern, to its roster

From iron works in Burkina Faso that date back nearly three millenniums, to the fortified … Read more

An Arctic fox’s epic journey: Norway to Canada in 76 days

The journey of a young arctic fox, which trekked more than 2,175 miles from Norway … Read more

Hometown of first man on the moon ready to launch 50th celebration

WAPAKONETA, Ohio — A small Ohio city is shooting for the moon in celebrating its … Read more

Move over, Edison: Bacteria built the electrical grid first

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon on Sept. 4, 1882, the electrical age began. The … Read more

Norwegian islanders want to make their lives ‘time free’

On a picturesque Norwegian island where there is constant daylight during the summer, residents are … Read more

NASA unsealing moon rock samples after 50 years

HOUSTON — Inside a locked vault at Johnson Space Center is treasure few have seen … Read more

An orangutan mother is one casualty of the palm oil industry

BUNGA TANJUNG, Indonesia — The men came at Hope and her baby with spears and … Read more

Research: Crocodiles went through a vegetarian phase

Imagine you’re a small mammal of the Mesozoic. Snuffling around one day, you run into … Read more

NASA to send drone to Saturn’s largest moon

Get ready to see another world from the eyes of a dragonfly — at least, … Read more

Dikembe Mutombo is a big help in getting the Ebola message out

NEW YORK — Unable to send disease fighters to help battle one of the deadliest … Read more

Wildfire smoke to spread across U.S.

Health problems expected to increase, scientists say

BILLINGS, Mont. — Climate change in the Western U.S. means more intense and frequent wildfires … Read more

GPS, special maps improving search and rescue operations

HONOLULU — Yesenia D’Alessandro loaded a GPS tracking app on her cellphone and trudged into … Read more

Restaurants could be the first to get genetically modified salmon

NEW YORK — Inside an Indiana aquafarming complex, thousands of salmon eggs genetically modified to … Read more

Scorching temperatures in Kuwait, Pakistan confirmed as 3rd and 4th hottest measured on Earth

Following years of tireless investigation, the World Meteorological Organization last week announced that two recent … Read more

’Michael Jackson drug’ remains a patient curiosity

It remains the most widely used anesthetic in U.S. hospitals, but many patients remember propofol … Read more

What lost wallets and lots of cash say about altruism

NEW YORK — People are more likely to return a lost wallet if it contains … Read more

Giant squid, phantom of the deep, makes its 2nd video appearance

Edie Widder was eating lunch in the mess hall of the Research Vessel Point Sur … Read more

Giant telescope will be built on sacred Native Hawaiian peak

HONOLULU — After years of protests and legal battles, Hawaii officials announced Thursday that a … Read more

Old spy images show glaciers melting fast in the Himalayas

WASHINGTON — The Himalayan mountain range, which includes Mount Everest, has been losing ice at … Read more

Radar tracks insects migrating in massive, unseen swarms

In early June, ladybugs briefly took over the news cycle. Meteorologists at the National Weather … Read more

Waterfront owners are asked to take dead whales in Washington

PORT HADLOCK, Wash. — At least one Washington state waterfront landowner has said yes to … Read more

Canines give you those puppy-dog eyes for a reason

Domesticated dogs have the ability, but wolves, mostly, do not, scientists say

The mournful, pleading, eyebrows-up expression dogs make is so familiar that we have made it … Read more

In first 2 states where pot became legal, teen use triggers concern

Parents and doctors in Colorado and Washington state say children are easily getting hold of marijuana edibles

DENVER — The first two states to legalize recreational marijuana are starting to grapple with … Read more

Town draws tourists once a year as 70,000 snakes meet to mate

NARCISSE, Manitoba — Tokyo has its cherry blossoms, the Netherlands has its tulip fields and … Read more

Laughter really is the best medicine? In many quantifiable ways, that’s no joke

In quantifiable ways, that’s no joke

Carl Reiner, 97, has been a comedic icon for more than 70 years, a perennial … Read more

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