Common phobias combated by new era of virtual reality

Dick Tracey didn’t have to visit a tall building to get over his fear of … Read more

Aibo the robot dog will melt your heart

I’ve been giving a robot belly rubs. I’ve scolded it for being a bad, bad … Read more

Science notes: How plants fight and more

A ghostly glow reveals how plants fight back Plants have no eyes, no ears, no … Read more

Cryptocurrency reporter uses these tools to keep up

How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal … Read more

2 million teens vape marijuana

Almost 1 in 11 American students have used marijuana in electronic cigarettes, heightening health concerns … Read more

Wild rabbits in Cannon Beach get some hopping mad

CANNON BEACH — Broaching the topic of bunnies in Cannon Beach is kind of like … Read more

How did you feel about gym class?

Your answer may predict how often you exercise today

Think for a moment about your school gym classes. Did you just grin with fond … Read more

Mapping the genes of thousands of animals could save their species

A group of scientists unveiled the first results Thursday of an ambitious effort to map … Read more

Smile at the next goat you see

The animals are drawn to happy human faces, research finds

Goats get a lot of love on the internet. They get less in the pages … Read more

Seaweed overload threatens Caribbean’s sea life, tourism

CANCUN, Mexico — Each morning along Mexico’s iconic Caribbean coast, workers with pitchforks ready themselves … Read more

College expenses now include VR headset

At most universities, student loan money helps to pay for tuition, room and board, and … Read more

In a political echo chamber, listening to the opposition can make it worse

Dwelling in a political echo chamber — where you encounter only people who agree with … Read more

Science notes: Map details Antarctica, grass-eating sharks

Also, seals dying in New England and the best way to hand-feed hummingbirds

A new detailed map of Antarctica You may never make it to the South Pole, … Read more

Vikings could teach us something about climate change

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — Popular culture has it that Vikings in their heyday loved to … Read more

For 9/11 survivors sickened by dust, help may be running out

NEW YORK — The flood of people coming down with illnesses stemming from the toxic … Read more

When it comes to forage, moose, bighorn sheep learn from elders

NEW YORK — Looking for the best place to eat? Ask a local. Now scientists … Read more

The Great Barrier Reef shows ‘signs of recovery’

Following dire warnings of reef die-off after massive coral bleaching in 2016 and 2017, Tourism … Read more

Writing anonymously? Here’s how words give you away

Language detectives say the key clues to who wrote the anonymous New York Times opinion … Read more

Early results boost hopes for historic gene-editing attempt

PHOENIX — Early, partial results from a historic gene-editing study give encouraging signs the treatment … Read more

CDC issues new guidelines on kids’ concussions

Government recommends against routine tests, calls for better tracking

CHICAGO — New children’s concussion guidelines from the U.S. government recommend against routine X-rays and … Read more

Tech review: The sort-of new but greatly improved Samsung Galaxy Note 9

I’ve always loved the concept (and the execution) of Samsung’s Galaxy Note phones. Samsung already … Read more

Finally, a scientific reason to stay on the couch

No one is questioning whether leaving the couch to go for a walk or a … Read more

Cursive loops back into relevance

DANBURY, Conn. — Francesca Curatilo attended three camps this summer: wilderness, martial arts and — … Read more

With honeybees hurting, what else can pollinate our food?

OMAK, Wash. — Jim Freese grows apples, pears and cherries on 45 acres in the … Read more

Taboo of speaking ill of the dead has evolved with online culture

After John McCain died Saturday, the internet poured its heart out: He was a hero. … Read more

The FDA approved an app to prevent pregnancy. Can an app really do that?

Contraception? Yes, there’s an app for that. It’s even FDA-approved. Last week, Natural Cycles became … Read more

This scientist wants to uncover the secrets of eels

American eels are slimy, sinuous creatures that slither their slender, scaled bodies through water both … Read more

Beluga whales and narwhals go through menopause, too

Most people with ovaries go through menopause. But most animals do not, and their reproductive … Read more

‘Flight mode’: Hit-and-runs are rising across the country

One Wednesday this month, when a sports car broke down, another car crashed into it … Read more

A plastic designed to die

As single-use plastics clog landfills, researchers search for polymers that will break down after use

Adam Feinberg had no sooner made a bright yellow thin sheet of plastic than he … Read more

More Florida manatees have died this year than in all of 2017

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — The number of manatee deaths in Florida this year has already … Read more

App preserves stories before they’re gone

PLANO, Texas — Patti Fitch never thought to record videos of her mother. Of course, … Read more

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