Researchers come face to face with a huge great white shark

HALEIWA, Hawaii — Two shark researchers who came face to face with what could be … Read more

Orca calf offers hope for group fading in the Pacific Northwest

A killer whale has been born in the Pacific Northwest, and so far, it looks … Read more

What is the best Rx for teen vaping addicts? No one knows

WASHINGTON — The nation’s top health authorities agree: Teen vaping is an epidemic that now … Read more

Scientists improve on photosynthesis through genetic engineering

Since Thomas Malthus issued his dire prediction in 1789 that population growth would always exceed … Read more

Scientists make lava in the name of volcanic research

When lava meets water, the results are often explosive. Last year, lava from Hawaii’s Kilauea … Read more

Chess-playing algorithm may foreshadow the future

Will machine learning make humans mere spectators of artificial intelligence?

In early December, researchers at DeepMind, the artificial-intelligence company owned by Google’s parent corporation, Alphabet … Read more

Report shows rural-urban divide on speed limits and related fatalities

A comprehensive new report on the perils of speeding suggests that the ever-growing cultural divide … Read more

The games animals play

Q: Do animals play games? If so, why? A: Many immature mammals practice hunting and … Read more

Medieval woman’s hidden career revealed by blue teeth

WASHINGTON — About 1,000 years ago, a woman in Germany died and was buried in … Read more

Recounting the great Boston molasses flood of 1919

It was promising to be an uncharacteristically warm winter day in Boston. The temperature on … Read more

DNA of red wolf, a species extinct in the wild, lives on in Texas pack

Researchers say a pack of wild canines found near the beaches of the Texas Gulf … Read more

There’s no stethoscope for pain; scientists want to change that

WASHINGTON — Is the pain stabbing or burning? On a scale from 1 to 10, … Read more

Could a Woodstock happen in 2019? That’s the plan

WOODSTOCK, N.Y. — When the first Woodstock music festival was held in 1969, bringing around … Read more

Meet the fish inside the Ocean’s Twilight Zone

Scientists hope their findings lead to a sustainable approach before the fishing industry tries to harvest its inhabitants

Between the ocean’s bright-blue surface and its blackest depths — 660 to 3,300 feet below … Read more

Fighting fake videos, from Silicon Valley to Washington

Whether it’s a video showing someone else’s face on a different body or former President … Read more

U.S. cancer death rate hits milestone: 25 years of decline

NEW YORK — The U.S. cancer death rate has hit a milestone: It’s been falling … Read more

Meet Breadbot, the robot bread-maker

In the beginning, archaeologists believe, the first breads were created using some of the most … Read more

Tech trends and hype for ’19

While the industry lacks something new and innovating, it’s developing what it has

Imagine a future where you are never truly alone. Even when your spouse is on … Read more

National Weather Service is ‘open’ — but your forecast isn’t as good

Ostensibly, the partial government shutdown does not affect National Weather Service operations related to its … Read more

Study: Hurricane coverage can leave people stricken with stress

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Watching the news to brace for a hurricane is a fact … Read more

Psychologists want you to know how racism holds our country back

While some laud the moves by the American Psychological Association to address the psychological effects of racism, others can’t forget the APA’s past

The nation’s psychologists want us to talk about race. Not in the hushed confines of … Read more

Blame angst on phones, but can they help detect it, too?

Rising suicide rates and depression in U.S. teens and young adults have prompted researchers to … Read more

‘Spectacular’: Up-close images of Ultima Thule released

The most distant object ever explored by spacecraft is a reddish, snowman-shape rock 4 billion … Read more

NASA sets records around asteroid

LAUREL, Md. — A NASA spacecraft has gone into orbit around an ancient asteroid, setting … Read more

Frenchman, 71, sets off to cross the Atlantic inside a giant barrel

LONDON — Drifting in the ocean in a sailboat at the mercy of winds and … Read more

White noise has provided the sound of silence for decades

On winter nights, the white-noise app on my phone is tuned to Air Conditioner: a … Read more

We’re drifting on pieces of the Earth’s shell

Geologists confront surprising gaps in their understanding of when the movable plate system began

The theory of plate tectonics is one of the great scientific advances of our age, … Read more

How many passwords can you remember? Get ready to remember more

WASHINGTON — Got too many passwords to remember? Just wait. It’s going to get a … Read more

Gecko joins list of animals that can run on the surface of water

Many insects can skate, stride or whirl around on the surface of the water. But … Read more

Narrower Skulls, Oblong Brains: How Neanderthal DNA Still Shapes Us

People who sign up for genetic testing from companies like 23andMe can find out how … Read more

After Pluto, New Horizons mission nears an object ‘beyond the known world’

Three and a half years after giving humanity its first close-up view of Pluto, and … Read more

Christmas cards are still a thing because millennials say they are

Party invitations that once came to mailboxes now arrive via email or Facebook, and calendar … Read more

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