Insight Timer

Need a moment? Insight Timer wants to give you one — or a few — of total tranquility. This meditation app gives users access to thousands of guided meditation sessions, which you can listen to whenever you need to take a break.

The app also lets you set up reminders for meditation and offers you the option to join groups that share your meditation goals.

Insight Timer stands out among meditation apps in part because it provides most of its content free. There are in-app purchases for special sound effects, but the core features are free. So that's at least one less thing to stress out about.

Free, for iOS and Android.

“Battle of Polytopia”

This mobile, turn-based strategy game lets you plot some quick (and adorable) world domination, without necessarily having to devote hours to analyzing and conquering a map. "Battle of Polytopia" offers you a few modes for play, depending on your goals and what you have the time to do. You can try to defeat your enemies in 30 turns or aim for world domination. You can also play with a friend, as long as you're in the same room, using the pass-and-play mode.

The app is a strategy game, but it doesn't have the intricate technology progressions or even allow for particularly complex strategies. But it is great for a more snackable version of a beloved genre of game, and also happens to be a whole lot of fun.

Free, for iOS and Android.

— The Washington Post