Getting there: Ochoco Creek can be accessed from Ochoco Creek Park in Prineville. Travel east along Third Street in Prineville, then turn left on Elm Street. The park is on the right.

Flowing through the heart of Prineville, Ochoco Creek is not the typical fly fisherman’s paradise. The creek itself appears a little brown and dirty, more like a city slough than a crystal-clear trout stream. But Ochoco Creek is home to a native redband trout population, with some fish measuring up to 20 inches in length. Anglers come from all over the world to fish the nearby Crooked River, and most of them probably don’t bother to wet a line on Ochoco Creek. That’s just fine with Prineville locals, who would prefer to keep the tourists away from their relatively unknown gem. Ochoco Creek extends a total of about 5 miles from Ochoco Dam on the west end of Ochoco Reservoir to where it flows into the Crooked in northwest Prineville. A 2-mile stretch of the creek is easily accessible to the public via a paved trail that runs along the creek through Prineville. Ochoco Creek Park is a common access point for anglers.

— Mark Morical, The Bulletin