Try this one the next time you fish Hosmer Lake. The Undertaker’s Delight has also been dubbed the Not-So-Pink Lady, but the astute observer would note that it is a Queen of Waters without a wing. It was developed on low-lying waters around the Seattle area where it was employed by dry-fly gurus Grant Putnam and Ed Foss. This one came to me from Bend resident Wade Foss who spends his favorite days on Hosmer Lake.

The late Ed Foss suggested a No. 12 early in the fall and a No. 14 later in the fall. It’s a good searching pattern when midges are hatching and fish are feeding opportunistically. Fish it on a long leader with a 5x tippet and coat it with dry-fly floatant.

Tie this pattern on a No. 12-14 dry-fly hook. Use red hackle fibers for the tail. Tie in a very fine brown hackle, tip first, at the base of the tail. Build the tapered body with orange floss. Finish by wrapping the hackle forward with a few extra wraps at the head.

— Gary Lewis, for The Bulletin