Jenny Rough

Special to The Washington Post

Hikers who are new to trails and want to equip themselves with the knowledge and experience to learn basic orienteering skills can look into the following:

Appalachian Mountain Club

The club’s Outdoor Skills classes include staff-led adventures covering map and compass basics.

Becoming an Outdoors-Woman

Thirty-eight states offer BOW workshops in a program based at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point.


Try a do-it-yourself orienteering challenge, such as one offered at Prince William Forest Park in Triangle, Virginia. You can even borrow the necessary equipment at the park visitor center.

Outward Bound

It’s not just for troubled kids. Its challenging programs are also geared to teens, adults and veterans.

National Outdoor Leadership School

This wilderness school offers classes around the globe.


Introduction to Map and Compass classes are offered in the retailer’s stores as well as in local parks;

Step Outdoors

Its Land Navigation Workshop in southwest Colorado includes a one-hour race called ROGAINE (Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation and Endurance).