Balance Leech Bruised Olive, courtesy The Patient Angler.

For fly-fishing on lakes, the balance leech concept has been around for a few years now and has gained a lot of favor in Central Oregon. Designed to be fished under an indicator, the weight of the bead (and length of pin) can be adjusted as desired. Phil Rowley introduced the black-and-blue bruised concept, which can be modified to add other fishy colors and is how the Balance Leech Bruised Olive was arrived at.

I suggest you tie balance leeches instead of buying them, to arrive at the size, weight and action desired. That gives a lot of latitude for tailoring the fly to taste.

Try this recipe: Start with a Mustad 32833BLN No. 10 jig hook. For the bead, use a 7/64 gold tungsten mounted on a straight pin, secured to the shank. Take the hook out of the vise and test the balance (at the eye) for length of pin and size of bead. For the tail, use blue and black marabou with UV olive Flashabou. Build the body with a waxed dubbing loop and Arizona Simiseal black and blue. Blend olive dubbing into the body or use it at the head, as desired.

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