Devil's Double Challenge

Tammy Kovaluk trains at Central Oregon Community College on Wednesday, May 27, 2020, in preparation to compete in the Devil’s Double Challenge.


Bend trainer completes grueling challenge

Bend's Tammy Kovaluk completed the Devil's Double Challenge, a grueling 48-hour fitness event hosted by Gut Check Fitness, in 20 hours, 51 minutes, this past weekend in Bend.

Kovaluk, a strength coach and personal trainer in Bend, shattered her goal of 24 hours in the challenge.

"Not going to lie, perhaps the hardest thing I've done physically," Kovaluk said. "It also required all of my mental strength. I certainly got what I asked for, being stripped down to the core."  

Part 1 of the challenge included 25 miles of running, 3,000 abdominal crunches, 1,100 push-ups, 1,100 jumping jacks and 1-mile of burpee leapfrogs. (Burpee leapfrogs are burpees, but with a long jump instead of a vertical jump.)

Part 2 included 25 miles of running with a 35-pound backpack, also known as “rucking.” Then, still wearing that pack, Kovaluk completed 200 overhead presses, 400 push-ups, and 600 squats. Then she walked 1 mile while carrying two 35-pound buckets.

Kovaluk, 45, is the race director for Rise Challenge Events and is an obstacle-course racer who has also competed in boxing, Ironman triathlons, and Spartan races. She took on the Devil’s Double to raise funds for Harmony Farm Sanctuary in Sisters, which offers a safe place for rescued farm animals and humans to connect and heal. She raised more than $2,300 for the sanctuary.

She also did it in honor of the 20th anniversary of Joe Decker’s Guinness World Record 24-Hour Physical Fitness Challenge in 2000.

Decker, owner of Gut Check Fitness, an outdoor workout format, started a style of fitness events called the SUCK. The events are comprehensive, extreme fitness tests based on a mixture of military demands and strenuous farm chores.

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