Created by Rick Anderson, Anderson’s Bird of Prey has become a standby on many Western rivers. It can shine on our own Deschutes in September and October when trout key on October caddis. The mallard flank feathers represent the emerging wings of the natural while the arc of the hook is suggestive of the strugging insect. The peacock provides a natural gleam.

Tie it larger when targeting steelhead. Look for current seams and foam lines. Fish this pattern dead-drift beneath a strike indicator or high-stick it and watch the leader. Add another emerger on a dropper to increase the odds.

Tie this fly on a No. 8-16 Daiichi 1120. Slide a gold bead up against the eye. Tie in a natural mallard flank fiber tail. For the body, use burnt orange Haretron. Rib with pearl Flashabou. Wrap a mallard flank feather hackle and finish with a peacock herl head.

— Gary Lewis, For The Bulletin