Slim and buggy with multiple shades of olive, rust and orange, this pattern changes its look according to the light. Two to 12 inches below the surface, in and out of shadow, it looks alive. Jim Dexter calls it the Goat Leech for its body material. Don’t just tie on a leech pattern, tie on a better leech pattern — like this one.

Fish the Goat Leech with a clear slow-sinking line and fluorocarbon tippet. In a float tube, keep the line tight and impart small twitches to the fly. Casting and retrieving, use a slow, 1-inch strip retrieve. Let the fish turn its head before setting the hook.

Tie the Goat Leech with orange thread on a No. 8 streamer hook. For the tail, use orange and olive marabou. Build the body with olive African goat and a palmered orange hackle. Finish with a sparse olive Krystal Flash wing.

— Gary Lewis, for The Bulletin