With a tungsten bead, it is heavy, it sinks fast to run in deep slots where bigger trout feed. It’s a subtle pattern with a hot spot that can simulate a gas bubble, making it more lively. And it is proven in competition. Fish this one in tandem with a similar pattern.

The Frenchie, a derivative of the Pheasant Tail nymph, is common in flyfishing competitions and Egan’s Frenchie is one of the latest iterations. Lance Egan replaced the pheasant tail with Coq de Leon for its sheen and speckles. Buy or tie Egan’s Frenchie and put this pattern to work. It will most likely outfish that old Pheasant Tail.

Tie Egan’s Frenchie with red thread on a No. 14-16 nymph or jig hook. Slide a gold tungsten bead up against the eye. Use .010 lead wire for added weight. Tie in a tail of Whiting Coq de Leon. Build the body with pheasant tail in muskrat gray. Rib with small copper wire. For the thorax/hot spot, use UV shrimp pink Ice Dub. Finish with a thread wrap behind the bead.

— Gary Lewis, for The Bulletin