Timing is everything. The bugs begin to pop anytime between the first week of May and the first of June, dependent on ambient and water temps, flows and light penetration. The salmonflies and the golden stones are in grass and in the air. Trout are tuned in and switched ON. Tie on a Chubby Beaver.

Hold this pattern up against a cloudy sky. That’s how a big redband sees it. Look at the sparkle of the orange thorax, how the legs are almost alive. The foam keeps it afloat and the wing firmly establishes the profile and the protein promise.

Tie this one on a No. 6 extra long dry fly hook with root beer Krystal Flash for the tail. Tie in a butt of Ice Dub midnight, build the body with rust orange Ice Dub. Use 2mm black foam for the body. Tie down barred Flexi Legs and a double poly wing. Wrap the head with Ice Dub midnight.

—Gary Lewis, for The Bulletin