I hadn’t fished a Tied Down Caddis for years till last July on the Metolius. Fishing below Bridge 99 with friend Chris Foster, he handed me a Beadhead Tied Down Caddis and soon I was fighting a wild redband.

From Bridge 99 down to the mouth, the Metolius is open to artificial fly and lure fishing. The entire river is catch and release only, and the reach above Allingham Bridge is closed from November to late May to protect spawning trout. Poaching of redbands and bull trout is common in the lower reach. Wouldn’t we protect the redbands and bull trout better if it was fly-fishing-only, all the way to the mouth? Tie on a classic trout fly and go see it for yourself.

To tie this bead-headed variant, use tan thread on a No. 10-14 wet fly hook. Slide a bead up against the eye. For the tail and wing case, tie in a pinch of deer hair. Build the body with orange dubbing and wrap a soft badger hackle. Pull 2/3 of the deer hair over the body and tie down behind the bead. Foster says to mark up the wingcase with a black marker.

— Gary Lewis, for The Bulletin