In June and July, watch for dragonfly nymphs on the move just below the surface. At times trout key on this bug to the exclusion of all other foods. And the action can last from early afternoon all the way until dark. Dexter’s Dragon is an easy tie with the elements that spark trout to follow and strike.

As important as the pattern profile and color, a dragonfly nymph imitation must be fished properly. Retrieve it with 1- to 3-inch strips then give it a 12-inch pull from time to time to imitate a feeding dragonfly nymph. Sometimes the fish hit it with their mouths closed then circle back around to eat.

Tie Dexter’s Dragon on a No. 8 Daiichi 1260 hook. For the tail, use pheasant body fibers. Build the body with olive yarn. Tie in dyed olive pheasant rump fibers for the legs and case cover. Tie in burnt mono eyes (flat on the inside and rounded on the outside). Wrap the head with peacock then tie down the case cover.

—Gary Lewis, For The Bulletin