Blue on black. This fly speaks sea-run cutthroat in October when harvest trout stack against the bank in deep, slow pools — blue-backed tears on a river. This fly boasts a slim, dark profile that swims with a tantalizing up-and-down motion.

Don’t mess around with other patterns and don’t cast over the fish. Lay the fly down about 6 feet away from the nearest trout and let the fly sink to the count of three. Match on a fire. Start a slow 1-inch retrieve and, if you see the strike, wait until the fish turns before lifting the rod.

Tie this one with black thread and a dark bead. For the tail, use a short length of black marabou. Dub the tapered body with midnight blue sparkle dubbing. Finish with a palmered black dry-fly hackle.

— Gary Lewis, for The Bulletin