Winter trails

Wet and icy conditions have blanketed the area and will be consistent for the next few days. Potential avalanche danger will increase slightly with the wetter conditions.

Higher elevation sno-parks, including Dutchman Flat, will see heavy use toward the weekend with several inches of new snow predicted.

Swampy Lakes, Virginia Meissner and Wanoga sno-parks will have improved conditions with a potential of 3-6 inches of new snow.

Midelevation sno-parks, including Three Creek, Crescent and Ten Mile, will have challenging conditions with 2-5 inches of potential new snow.

Nordic event

A high school nordic race in the Mount Bachelor area Saturday will overlap some of the Dutchman Flat Sno-park trail system. Users should be cautious of participants.

Summer Trails

Lower-elevation trails including Deschutes River Trail and Phil’s Trail will have springlike conditions with wet, muddy areas. Users should avoid muddy trails to prevent trail damage. Other trails, including Badlands Wilderness Area and Horse Butte Trail are in fair to good condition. Maston Butte is also in good condition with heavy use predicted.

Sno-park signs

Nearly all of the 700 snow pole signs are posted in the Moon Mountain to Dutchman Flat area with minimal repairs and postings in the near future. Users are always advised to bring a map and to be cautious of low-snow hazards.