Commentary: Build a consensus on trade

President Donald Trump’s trade policy has been controversial for any number of reasons, but it … Read more

Editorial: Sealing records not the right way to go

Thanks to the Legislature and Gov. Kate Brown, if you’ve been convicted of a crime … Read more

Editorial: Don’t expect transit fix overnight

As its neighbors will tell you, the Cascades East bus transit hub on NE Hawthorne … Read more

Guest column: Don’t let pickleball hurt Redmond tennis

As the tennis coach for Redmond High girls tennis, I would like to address the … Read more

Commentary: I walked 500 miles across Spain. Here’s what I learned.

Life is overflowing with demands. Everything is urgent; every minute feels like it is booked. … Read more

Editorial: Dems’ motives not all pure

Oregon Democrats have come out hard for “substantial regulation” of political spending in Oregon. They … Read more

Editorial: Two ESA changes make sense

While some in the environmental community will tell you that President Donald Trump’s changes to … Read more

Commentary: Reform-minded prosecutors aim to make society fairer, safer

In a speech this week to the Fraternal Order of Police, Attorney General William Barr … Read more

Letters: Stand up to Trump; Teaching the wrong lesson; Walkout was wrong; Lives more important than guns

Stand up to Trump My response to letter from Rep. Walden, I appreciate your concern … Read more

Editorial: Flood zone changes aim for clarity

Deschutes County is in the process of tweaking rules governing flood plains. Despite criticism of … Read more

Historical editorial: Irrigation transforms the land

Editor’s note: The following editorials originally appeared in The Bend Bulletin. The first three are … Read more

Commentary: Why it’s harder for female presidential candidates to draw support

Women have been the vanguard of the opposition to President Donald Trump. It was millions … Read more

Commentary: Israel’s ban of Omar and Tlaib is a grave misstep

The Washington Post reports, “Caught between the opposing views of President Trump and Democratic leaders, … Read more

Editorial: Death penalty law in need of fix

Democrats in the 2019 Legislature were determined to effectively gut the state’s death penalty law, … Read more

Editorial: Let our wallets do the talking

You will likely pay more for your eggs in about five years. And no, we’re … Read more

Guest column: Universal health care — how do we get there?

As we head into the 2020 presidential campaign, the No. 1 issue for most of … Read more

Commentary: Trump roils the markets — again

The Washington Post reports: “U.S. stocks plummeted Wednesday after the inverted yield curve, one of … Read more

Editorial: No quick answers for Warm Springs

Drinking water out of a tap on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation has been a … Read more

Editorial: Brown was right to spare ditch bill, dam money

Gov. Kate Brown signed House Bill 2437 on Aug. 9, despite an earlier threat to … Read more

Hong Kong protesters are scared but resolute even as a crackdown by China may loom

HONG KONG — As the hopes of the Arab Spring dissolved into brutality and chaos … Read more

Letters: Raise your voice; Get out of NRA’s grip; Signal when leaving roundabouts; Accessibility shouldn’t mean ‘easy’

Raise your voice I have no numbers, facts, stories, or additional information to add about … Read more

Editorial: Pension reform’s future in Supreme Court’s hands

Oregon lawmakers have made a serious stab at reforming the state’s Public Employees Retirement System … Read more

Editorial: Klamath district may be a better fit

Residents of northern Lake County, including folks in Christmas Valley and Fort Rock, did not … Read more

Commentary: Epstein’s death raises questions; don’t jump to theories to answer them

Facts are the best antidote to conspiracy theories. After we learn of the bizarre and … Read more

Commentary: Trump administration ramps up its war on legal immigration

For many years, whenever someone accused Republicans of being anti-immigrant, they would insist that they … Read more

Editorial: Bend sidewalks: one size does not fit all

Bend city councilors voted unanimously Wednesday to exempt property owners in Woodriver Village from the … Read more

Editorial: Here’s why we need records reporting law

Ginger McCall, Oregon’s public records advocate, recently asked a variety of state and local government … Read more

Commentary: Sanders tanks in Iowa poll

The latest Monmouth poll from Iowa shows movement in the presidential primary. Former vice president … Read more

Commentary: This is the most important question Democratic presidential candidates must answer

As the presidential campaign has gone on, more Democratic candidates have warmed to the idea … Read more

Editorial: Reject commission’s attempt to ban new pot grows

When Oregon legalized recreational marijuana in 2014, it was a revolutionary change. Deschutes County commissioners … Read more

Editorial: Increase zoning flexibility in Bend’s core

Bend city government has been willing to be flexible and innovative when it comes to … Read more

Commentary: On his 20th anniversary in power, Vladimir Putin looks weaker than ever

We have a regrettable tendency to take authoritarian regimes at their word. Just think of … Read more

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