Bentz failed Oregon

Your editorial asked, “Has Cliff Bentz failed Oregon?” My answer is yes. I knew when he was a candidate and ultimately elected to the House from Congressional District 2 that he supported President Donald Trump. But when he was interviewed by several media outlets about being the new legislator from Oregon, he talked as if he wanted to work across the aisle for the good of all. What we learned Jan. 6 is that his actions tell a different story. We learned that day that supporting Trump really means operating in a sphere of conspiracy theories and untruths. Mr. Bentz may, indeed, have put his lawyer skills to work to research the details of the election in Pennsylvania, but he did not couple that with the wisdom of two court decisions and with the fact that voters in Pennsylvania voted overwhelmingly for the Biden-Harris ticket. He needs, also, to remember that elections are run by states, and if federal laws are not broken, it is not appropriate for other states to interfere with a state’s election.

It is shameful and embarrassing to Oregon that Cliff Bentz attempted, with others, to overthrow Pennsylvania election results on the basis of fraud that did not exist. And this action taken after living through an attack on our Congress urged by the lies of fraud made by Trump. We need to watch Mr. Bentz closely to make certain he does not continue to legislate from a position of untruth. I am counting on The Bulletin to help us do that. I have contacted Mr. Bentz directly to express my feelings and to let him know that, in my opinion, he has used up the chance I was willing to grant a new legislator to lead with negotiation and compromise. Bottom line, yes, Cliff Bentz has failed Oregon.

— Eloise Mattox, Bend

White privilege

As many have already noted, white privilege was on full display Jan. 6 when a mob incited by President Donald Trump stormed into the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. If they had been Black Lives Matter activists or Muslims, they surely would never have made it up the steps, let alone into the Capitol. They would have been repulsed by the police and likely gunned down.

White supremacy was also on full display with many waving Confederate flags along with their Trump flags. The Confederate flag is the banner of the Ku Klux Klan, a symbol of both racist ideology and treason.

And, the racism of many elected members of Congress was also on full display as they voted to disenfranchise voters in Pennsylvania and Arizona, and sought to also disenfranchise voters in Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia. The president zeroed in on the electoral votes in these states because people of color in Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and Phoenix played a major role in his defeat.

Trump repeated his racist lie about voter fraud over and over again. Cliff Bentz, newly-elected representative from Oregon’s 2nd District, sided with Trump in one of his first votes in Congress — after white supremacists incited by Trump stormed the Capitol. Bentz can make all the unsupported and ludicrous legal arguments he wants, but the fact is he stood with a racist president who incited insurrection. In doing so he disgraced his office.

— Michael Funke, Bend

Don’t censor news about Democrats

I wish to express my disappointment that The Bulletin seems to have decided to censor all things negative to the Democratic Party. Where has the following been mentioned?

• Rep. Eric Swalwell’s “interaction” with a Chinese spy. (Swalwell, a Democrat, represents California’s 15th District).

• Joe Biden’s alleged involvement with his son’s collusion with the Chinese Communist Party.

You ran an article on Hunter Biden, but it carefully avoided any mention of Joe Biden’s possible involvement. If Trump had been accused of these things, it would be headline news. I don’t think the trust level has ever been lower for the national media, and The Bulletin has been less important to me as a news source because I don’t think I am getting the full story. I am sure there are people in Central Oregon who have never heard of Swalwell, or the alleged Biden conspiracy, but, I guess that is the point.

— Larry Nelson, Bend

Bulletin is doing a good job

I see that the right-wing “constitutional scholars” are busy again, not only expressing their support for the horrendous assault upon our governmental institutions but also, at the local level, attacking the Bulletin editorial page and policy. As one who spent years getting a university education and has a lifetime of reading history and related materials, I am constantly amazed that these people can develop such deep understandings with so little apparent effort, and that they can be so passionate in their ignorance.

Please understand that there are a great many of us in Central Oregon who appreciate the ways in which your editorial policy has recently evolved. I strongly support a news operation that pays attention to the ravages of climate change and sees the dangers inherent in the current political climate. In this our “time of troubles,” moderate and reasonable people need the support of news organizations like yours! Please stay the course.

— Gary R. Olsen, Redmond

Resign, Congressman Bentz

Dear Congressman Bentz,

Please resign your position immediately as a result of your actions to support the recent insurrection and attack on our democracy.

During your campaign for Congress in 2020, you consistently expressed strong support and admiration for President Donald Trump. The results of his reckless and incompetent administration are now clear :

• A raging viral epidemic that has resulted in nearly 22 million infections and over 370,000 deaths in the U.S.

• An economy in collapse.

• A humanitarian disaster on our southern border.

• Comfort to our enemies around the world and despair among our allies.

• A blatant campaign of lies and misinformation regarding the recent free, fair and honest election, culminating in clear incitement of a violent mob to commit acts of sedition in the attack on the Capitol building. Mr. Bentz, you cannot so easily loosen the cords with which you tied yourself so tightly to this failed resident.

Congressman Bentz, please resign! Give the citizens of the 2nd District an opportunity to elect someone who will uphold and defend the Constitution. Someone who will speak the truth. Someone who will turn away from this divisive and dangerous resident and work for the people of this district. Someone who will not bring shame and dishonor to the state of Oregon, as you have. Give us the opportunity to elect a representative we can be proud of.

—David Buhaly and Mark McConnell, Sunriver

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