As a longtime resident of Deschutes County concerned about the future of our community, I will be voting for Scott Schaier for Deschutes County sheriff.

I have known Scott and his family since they moved to Bend seven years ago. Throughout his work as a Bend Police officer and his time as a school resource officer, Scott has demonstrated both integrity and leadership. He is an innovate thinker, wholly committed to improving the safety of our streets by addressing mental health issues that impact our neighborhoods and bringing more voices to the table in pursuing social justice.

Scott understands that delivering comprehensive mental health care for fellow officers and inmates in the city jail is critical to fostering safe communities. As sheriff, his department will also provide officers with training on how to better support and respond to individuals struggling with mental illness.

When residents took to the streets to protest the killings of George Floyd and other Black Americans, Scott was there to listen. He has continued to listen and ask questions, seeking out partnerships with leaders in our Black community and communities of people of color. The Central Oregon Diversity Project and Embrace Bend have endorsed Scott’s candidacy.

At a time of dissension and division, Scott’s action plan is one all Deschutes County residents can get behind. Please join me in voting Scott Schaier for Sheriff.

— Claudia Hinz, Bend

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You have to ask if he is so qualified why is he only a patrolman in a city?


Only a patrolman? What are you? Only a Russian troll?


Perhaps this is one reason why he was only a patrol officer - given he's been a school resource officer for some time now and remains one under Chief Krantz.



Paris Hilton may feel otherwise regarding Scott Schaier as a decent candidate - just say'in.



The Central Oregon Black Leadership Assembly, now an official non-profit organization promoting meaningful Change and wholly inclusive of People of all Colors, cannot endorse a political candidate because of its non-profit status.

However, COBLA has met with Sheriff Shane Nelson going back months now and is working with the Sheriff's Office on multiple topics to include improving effective recruiting of People of Color to the agency, specifically as sworn deputies. Nelson is in consistent contact with COBLA and its founder/president, Mr. Riccardo Waites. This is a needed, important, and ongoing relationship. It was Nelson who reached out to COBLA - actions, not words, are what counts. Vote Nelson for re-election.



Shane Nelson admitted in an interview, just recently, that he voluntarily rats out local community members to ICE, based on ZERO just cause. He's a MAGA cult fan-boy, just like you Greg.


Well, since you didn't provide any independent evidence to source your claim I - and others - would have to say that's not true regarding Nelson.

So ante up if you have said evidence, and in the context it was expressed, please?

Also, and again, the label game you play ref Trump is truly pathetic. My evidence in support of that statement? As provided before -


PS: I am a registered Independent.

Have a better day, "Unflattered".


Perhaps not...


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